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Ugune seed detail

Ugune seeds can be obtained in Herblore Habitat. They can be found by hunting common jadinkos, shadow jadinkoscarrion jadinkos, draconic jadinkos, diseased jadinkos, saradomin jadinkos, guthix jadinkos, and zamorak jadinkos, or by exchanging points earned at the Jadinko Lair for seeds.

Clean ugune herbs are used, along with a marble vine, to make a juju farming potion. If you already have a Juju Farming Potion it is highly recommended to drink a dose when harvesting the herb as the dose easily pays for itself.

Healthy ugune
Stage Description Image
1 Vine herbs1
2 Vine herbs2
3 Vine herbs3
4 Vine herbs4
5 Vine herbs5


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