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TzRek-Jad chathead

The TzRek-Jad (translated as Baby Fire Elemental) is a pet that can be obtained via Soul Wars. Players need 99 Summoning, 99 Slayer, 100 zeal points and a fire cape (which will be lost) to obtain it from Nomad or Zimberfizz. He apparently has a chew toy named Mr. Squeekles. Conversations with the TzRek-Jad seem to indicate that this pet should grow to be a TzTok-Jad and artwork (see below) seems to confirm this.

If a player interacts with another player's TzRek-Jad, it will display the owner's total number of TzTok-Jad kills in the chatbox.



  • When purchasing a TzRek-Jad, the Adventurer's Log reads: "After exchanging 100 zeal at Soul Wars, I adopted a pet TzRek-Jad, who then ate my fire cape."
  • Although the original concept art shows the TzRek-Jad's eyes to be without pupils, its in-game model and chathead show very distinct black pupils.
  • TzRek-Jad did not receive the graphical update when all other TzHaar creatures did, but instead received it a week later alongside the release of Sunfreet.
  • TzRek-Jad did not receive the ability to be interacted with to check the owner's boss kill count until 19 January 2015, two weeks after the release of boss pets.


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