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This article is a strategy guide for Twin Furies.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the hard mode strategy guide, see here.

The Twin Furies, Avaryss, the Unceasing and Nymora, the Vengeful are Zamorak's generals in The Heart.

Getting ThereEdit

The Twin Furies are located at the north-western corner of The Heart. To enter their chamber, the player must gain 40 Zamorakian kill count (20 if the player has unlocked the 50% kill count reduction perk, requiring 4,500 Reputation) and have 80 Ranged. Players can easily get kill count by visiting nodes that Zamorakian forces are attacking or simply kill the ones in the fortress area.

Alternatively, one can use the Max Guild's PvM Portal to take them straight to the boss.

Recommended EquipmentEdit

Melee is highly recommended, especially with a halberd as the Twin Furies are treated as separate NPCs but share the same health pool. This means abilities like Hurricane and Quake essentially deal double damage during the fight. Using Berserk (with an Adrenaline potion) during the channelled bomb can do large amounts of damage - it's possible for Hurricane to hit two 10k's on your target and another 10k on the opposing sister (even more with critical hits).

As the Twin Furies have a relatively low max hit, those who don't want to use power or tank armour can instead opt for Void Knight equipment, if utilising the Scrimshaw of vampyrism paired with the Vampyrism aura or the Supreme brawler aura. Combined with Soul Split and the Amulet of Souls, players should be able to maintain high life points whilst also benefiting from Void's 3% accuracy boost.

The Twin Furies are not affected by Darklight. [1]

Recommended equipment for Melee
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Malevolent helm Torva full helm Anima Core helm of Zaros Superior tetsu helm Bandos Helmet
Neck slot Amulet of souls Reaper necklace Brawler's blood necklace Saradomin's whisper Amulet of fury (t)
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal Max cape Fire cape Cape of accomplishment
Torso slot Malevolent cuirass Torva platebody Anima Core Body of Zaros Superior tetsu body Bandos chestplate
Legs slot Malevolent greaves Torva platelegs Anima Core Legs of Zaros Superior tetsu platelegs Bandos tassets
Weapon slot Drygore weaponry Tetsu katana Blade of Nymora Attuned crystal dagger Chaotic claw
2h slot Noxious scythe Dragon Rider lance Attuned crystal halberd Chaotic maul N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Drygore weaponry Blade of Avaryss Tetsu wakizashi Off-hand attuned crystal dagger Off-hand chaotic claw
Shield slot Malevolent kiteshield Divine spirit shield Attuned crystal shield Chaotic kiteshield Bandos warshield
Gloves slot Goliath gloves Razorback gauntlets Torva gloves Pneumatic gloves Bandos gloves
Feet slot Emberkeen boots Torva boots Steadfast boots Bandos boots Silverhawk boots
Ring slot (Asylum surgeon's ring with a Ring of vigour switch) Ring of death Warrior ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit / Onyx ring (i) Warrior ring
Aura slot Berserker aura Brawler aura Ancestor spirits aura Dark magic aura Inspiration aura
Pocket slot Illuminated god book Superior scrimshaw of attack Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism Attacker's insignia Sign of life / Sign of death

The use of Corruption shot, Bombardment, and Ricochet should be prioritised as they will damage both sisters. Try not to use Death's Swiftness right before the ceiling collapse as you may have to move out of the cloud to stand under Nymora. Similar to meleeing, it is recommended to save your ultimates for the channelled bomb attack when you will deal twice as much damage.

Recommended equipment for Ranged
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Sirenic mask Pernix cowl Anima Core helm of Zamorak Superior death lotus hood Armadyl helmet
Neck slot Amulet of souls Reaper necklace Farsight blood necklace Saradomin's murmur Amulet of fury (t)
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Xil Max cape Cape of Accomplishment Ava's alerter
Torso slot Sirenic hauberk Pernix body Anima Core body of Zamorak Superior death lotus chestplate Armadyl chestplate
Legs slot Sirenic chaps Pernix chaps Anima Core legs of Zamorak Superior death lotus chaps Armadyl chainskirt
Weapon slot Ascension crossbow Death lotus dart Shadow glaive Attuned crystal chakram Chaotic crossbow
2h slot Noxious longbow Wyvern crossbow Attuned crystal bow Royal crossbow / Zaryte bow N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Off-hand Ascension crossbow Off-hand death lotus dart Off-hand shadow glaive Off-hand attuned crystal chakram Off-hand chaotic crossbow
Shield slot Vengeful kiteshield Elysian spirit shield Strykebow Eagle-eye kiteshield Armadyl buckler
Ammo slot Ascension bolts Royal bolts N/A N/A N/A
Gloves slot Swift gloves Ascension grips Pernix gloves Armadyl gloves N/A
Feet slot Flarefrost boots Pernix boots Glaiven boots Armadyl boots N/A
Ring slot (Asylum surgeon's ring with a Ring of vigour switch) Ring of death Onyx ring (i) Archers' ring N/A
Aura slot Reckless aura Sharpshooter aura Ancestor spirits aura Dark magic aura Inspiration aura
Pocket slot Illuminated god book Scrimshaw of cruelty Scrimshaw of ranging Attacker's insignia Sign of life / Sign of death

Mages should prioritise Corruption Blast, Chain, Dragon Breath, and Detonate to damage both sisters for extra damage. Try not to use Sunshine right before the ceiling collapse as you may have to move out of the beam to stand under Nymora. Save your ultimates for the channelled bomb attack as you deal twice as much damage.

Recommended equipment for Magic
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Tectonic mask Virtus mask Anima Core helm of Seren Superior seasinger's hood Hood of subjugation
Neck slot Amulet of souls Reaper necklace Arcane blood necklace Saradomin's hiss Amulet of fury (t)
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Mej Max cape Cape of Accomplishment Saradomin cape
Torso slot Tectonic robe top Virtus robe top Anima Core body of Seren Superior seasinger's robe top Garb of subjugation
Legs slot Tectonic robe bottom Virtus robe legs Anima Core legs of Seren Superior seasinger's robe bottom Gown of subjugation
Weapon slot Seismic wand Seasinger kiba Wand of the Cywir elders Attuned crystal wand Virtus wand
2h slot Noxious staff Camel staff / Staff of darkness Attuned crystal staff Chaotic staff N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Seismic singularity Seasinger makigai Attuned crystal orb Virtus book N/A
Shield slot Merciless kiteshield Arcane spirit shield Attuned crystal ward Farseer kiteshield Ward of subjugation
Gloves slot Spellcaster gloves Celestial handwraps Virtus gloves Static gloves Gloves of subjugation
Feet slot Flarefrost boots Virtus boots Ragefire boots Boots of subjugation N/A
Ring slot (Asylum surgeon's ring with a Ring of vigour switch) Ring of death Seers' ring (i) Onyx ring (i) Seers' ring
Aura slot Maniacal aura Runic accuracy aura Ancestor spirits aura Dark magic aura Inspiration aura
Pocket slot Illuminated god book Scrimshaw of the elements Scrimshaw of magic Attacker's insignia Sign of life / Sign of death


The Twin Furies are perhaps the easiest of the four generals to most players, as proper use of halberd mechanics, Soul Split and either the Vampyrism aura or scrimshaw allows a player to stay in the instance for the whole duration without having to bank. Using just Soul Split alone will not be enough to recover lost health from their attacks.

As with the other generals of The Heart, they have 200,000 life points each. However, despite being two separate NPCs, the Twin Furies share their health, so a combined total of 200,000 damage on one or both will kill them both even if they have more life points than the health bar on the top suggests.

The Twin Furies use several abilities during the fight against the player:

  • Wall charge - Avaryss will jump onto the walls and fly in a straight line, covering a 3x3 area in front of her. She will yell out a random quote ("Ha ha ha!", "Keep them busy, sister!" or "Think you can dodge me?") before charging. Players who get caught in the charge are knocked into the wall and are dealt with up to 2000 melee damage. Avaryss always follows the set pattern of north to south, west to east, south to north and finally east to west.
  • Ceiling collapse: Nymora will stand in one of the 4x4 tiles (16 of these), saying "We will purge them all!" in the process. After a few seconds, she will fly up, becoming unattackable while attacking the ceiling. Stalactites will fall down and deal ranged damage of up to 1000 every three ticks. This can be avoided by simply staying under Nymora, as the stalactites will not fall down on her location.
  • Channelled bomb: Avaryss and Nymora will fly to the centre of the room, saying "Burn, burn, BURN!" and "Come to me, my sister!". A ring of fire will also appear in the outer area, dealing up to 2500 damage every few ticks the player(s) are in it. They will channel their powers to create a portal of energy which sends out fire bolts at the player for up to 350 damage per tick. During this process, they will not attack the player and will suffer a 2x damage multiplier on them. A blue bar will also appear over their heads and will change to orange over time. Once the bar is completely orange, the portal explodes and deals up to 4500 damage to players in its radius. Just a few seconds before the explosion, the outer ring of fire will dissipate. Resonance will lower the damage from the explosion to 0.

The Twin Furies use this attacking pattern:

  • Wall charge
  • Several auto-attacks
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Several auto-attacks
  • Channelled bomb
  • Several auto-attacks
  • Repeat

When the Furies spawn, start attacking Nymora as Avaryss will almost immediately start wall charging. Swiftly avoid Avaryss' charges; if you get caught, simply flick Protect/Deflect Melee to get reduced damage because the charge applies its damage when the player hits the wall. Move out of the way as soon as possible to avoid taking more damage. Players can heal off one of these charges by equipping a shield and using Resonance right when they hit the wall. Resonating too early will result in healing off Nymora's ranged attack instead. Once Avaryss flies from east to west, start using channelled abilities on Nymora while utilising AoE abilities as their full potential occurs when the two are together.

After several attacks, Nymora will fly to a 4x4 tile in the arena. Follow her (Barge will work to cover lost ground quickly) and go under her. Starting attacking Avaryss until Nymora drops down. Use Quake to decrease their defence, as Hurricane should be reserved for their bomb attack. The player should be near 100% adrenaline several attacks before they start channelling a bomb so they can activate Berserk quickly.

Once the two move to the centre, place yourself one tile north-west of Avaryss. This way, when using Cleave, you will hit both of them rather than the one you are focused on. Drink a dose of adrenaline and start using Assault, Hurricane, Quake and Cleave. When the bar nears complete orange, run off if they have a reasonable amount of health left, as it is not worth taking the explosion damage, especially under the effects of Berserk where it deals up to 7,500 damage. If done properly, the Twin Furies should die before the bomb is completed. Stall your adrenaline so that the player can use stronger threshold/ultimate abilities as soon as they spawn.


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