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Tutor icon detail

A Tutor is a non-player character who can help players to understand a new concept or process, and may be especially useful for new players. They are marked on the world map by the guide icon (Guide map icon). Most tutors are discontinued due to continuous updates for tutorials by Jagex.

As of 17 September 2009, along with the Advisors and Objectives update, most tutors have been removed. They have been replaced with Roddeck's Advice and tutorials using the Advisor System.

Learning the RopesEdit

Current tutors

Discontinued tutors

Tutorial IslandEdit

All of the tutors here are discontinued and only used to be accessible by players remaining in Tutorial Island. This was changed in an update, where accounts remaining on the island were moved to the new tutorial. Vannaka is still accessible in the Edgeville dungeon.

Other TutorsEdit

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