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This article is about the scrapped item. For other uses, see Truffle (disambiguation).
This article contains content that does not appear in game.
It may be involved in an upcoming update, or its development and release may have been cancelled entirely.
Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Removal date 29 September 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
Value 200 coins
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy N/A
Store price Not sold
Examine Makes me want to do a truffle shuffle.
Weight 0.25 kg
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Truffle detail

A Truffle was an item that could be found by searching "Truffle" in the Grand Exchange. There is no possible method to obtain this item, although, it was possible to place an order for the item on the Grand Exchange but doing so was useless, since the offer would never be completed. The item is now unsearchable in the Grand Exchange. Any players who still had their order running will find it aborted. It was also listed in the item database on the RuneScape website. Through the Quick Chat system, a player can also say "I got item: truffle."

Truffles were originally intended to be found using a Broav as part of the Summoning skill, confirmed by Mod Mark[1]. However, the lack of time and use for the truffles caused the plan to be scrapped and the Broav was retrofitted into While Guthix Sleeps. While still scrapped, truffles are reconsidered to be added due to recent updates to pigs, such as Bringing Home the Bacon.[2]

On 2 September 2008, the truffle's price somehow increased by 10 coins, bringing the market price up to 210 coins. The item was deleted from the Grand Exchange on 29 September 2008.

Forum QuestionEdit

Ih8dude asks: Were the plans for truffles scrapped?

Mod Mark: Yes. There are often aspects of content that are cut before release. This can happen for many reasons, but we try to avoid it as much as possible. Truffles were going to be hunted by a wild boar pet/familiar, originally as part of the Summoning skill. We then considered adding them to the While Guthix Sleeps quest along with the broav, but time simply did not allow, so it had to be cut again.


  • The examine info refers to the movie The Goonies, where one of the characters must do a dance called the "truffle shuffle" to gain entry into the main character's house.
  • Wild truffles are usually located with trained pigs, similar to the Broav.
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