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Not to be confused with Thrower trolls.
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Troll rangers are one of the monsters fought during the combat portion of Troll Invasion. They possess something similar to a special attack. Every 5 normal attacks, a troll ranger will appear to pick up a very large rock and perform a spin throw. After a few seconds, the rock will come crashing down on the spot where the player was standing when the Troll ranger started the animation.

The Protect from Missiles Prayer or the Deflect Missiles Curse will reduce damage from this attack. Alternatively, if the player moves away from the spot where they were previously standing, the rock will miss and no damage will be taken. If protection prayers are not active, failure to avoid this rock can result in the player taking a large amount of damage, possibly over 3700. If the player kills the troll ranger after it throws the rock and before the rock crashes down, no damage would be taken.

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