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Release date 20 September 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Yes
Location Triannwn
Examine A tripwire.
Isafdar map

Tripwires are located in Tirannwn. They appear as two rocks very close together with a wire running between them. There are also four miniature crossbows (twigs) pointing at them. Place the cursor between the rocks to find a tripwire, then step over. If a trap is triggered, double damage splats of up to 500+ will hit, as well as applying a poison condition. Protect from Missiles is ineffective.


  • In one of RuneScape's many postbags, a player questions the Trip wire as to why protect from missiles is ineffective. Apparently, the secret is the bolts are dipped in the tears of rangers by "Mr. T Wire's" wife "Barb".

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