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For the item used in aquariums, see Tribal mask decoration.

Tribal masks (also known as broodoo masks) are a members-only set of masks worn in the headwear slot. They provide no bonuses.

Tribal masks come in three different colours:

They can be obtained by either defeating a broodoo victim during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame or through purchasing it from either the Grand Exchange or another player.

A player with level 35 Crafting can convert the mask into a Broodoo shield with two snakeskins and eight nails (of any type) in your inventory. This gives 100 Crafting experience. However, demand for the shields on the Grand Exchange is very low, so if a player is looking to profit from the tribal masks, it is recommended they sell them as they are, to avoid being left with a shield that isn't selling.

Tribal masks can be stored in the Armour case of the Costume room in a Player-owned house.

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