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Triangle sandwich detail

The Triangle sandwich is a food item that can be bought from the Sandwich lady's bakery. When eaten, it heals 250 life points.

Triangle sandwiches can also be acquired by pickpocketing the workers around the Tower of Life: 'Black-eye', 'Gummy', 'No fingers', and 'The Guns'. 'The Guns' can be found at the Fishing Guild after Deadliest Catch and can still be pickpocketed. This requires level 1 Thieving and grants 8 experience. Triangle sandwiches can also be found by searching one of the crates inside the tower.

The triangle sandwich used to be one of several food items that could be obtained from the Sandwich lady random event. Random events were discontinued on 24 October 2012, and the Sandwich lady was later moved to a stall in Ardougne on 12 February 2013 where this item can be bought normally.

One triangle sandwich can be put in a satchel.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Sandwich Lady Bakery40Coins 25Coins 10Yes


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