Tree (Tribute to Guthix)
Guthixian tree
Release date 12 March 2013 (Update)
Members No
Logs Logs (388 coins)
Cannot be grown
Examine Uncut: A strange face has manifested in this tree's trunk.
Cut: Glowing, green fluid seeps from this tree trunk.

A Glowing tree is a special tree that appeared with the release of the Tribute to Guthix event. It is a tree with a manifestation of the Anima Mundi in the form of a face on the bottom and has a green glowing aura. It serves no significant purpose rather than mourning the death of Guthix.

Locations Edit

They can be found anywhere around RuneScape where regular trees are but some notable locations are:

Glowing stub

A glowing stump.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the glowing trees replaced some of the regular trees.
  • Although the trees look different, the logs cut from them are just regular logs. 
  • There were a few glowing trees around the unreachable area around the Player-owned ports however they did not have faces on the trunks.
  • The leaves of the trees appear to be dropping water drops or tears, which may suggest that the trees themselves are mourning.

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