Tree (class 1/2/3/4/5)
Stealing Creation tree
Release date 11 November 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Class 1 = 1
Class 2 = 20
Class 3 = 40
Class 4 = 60
Class 5 = 80
Logs Sacred clay
Cannot be grown
Examine A tree-like growth made of sacred clay.
Depleted: All the sacred clay has been cut from this tree.
Stealing Creation tree2

Players cutting a tree in Stealing Creation

Trees are found throughout the Stealing Creation activity. Players can use either a hatchet or their bare hands to gather clay from them.

The speed at which a player gathers clay from a tree is dependent on the class of hatchet they are using and their woodcutting level. The lower class of hatchet, the slower a player will gather clay. Likewise, the lower woodcutting level a player has, the slower they will gather clay.

Tree classesEdit

Players need to have certain levels in order to gather clay from different classes of trees. The level requirements for each class of tree are listed below.

Class Level required Clay yielded
Class 1 level 1 Woodcutting Class 1
Class 2 level 20 Woodcutting Class 2
Class 3 level 40 Woodcutting Class 3
Class 4 level 60 Woodcutting Class 4
Class 5 level 80 Woodcutting Class 5

Hatchet classesEdit

The different typed of hatchets also require different woodcutting levels to use. Because of this, a player must choose both a tree and a hatchet that suits their woodcutting level. The types of hatchets are listed below.

Icon Class Level to wield/use Level to make
Hatchet (class 1) Class 1 level 1 Woodcutting level 1 Smithing
Hatchet (class 2) Class 2 level 20 Woodcutting level 20 Smithing
Hatchet (class 3) Class 3 level 40 Woodcutting level 40 Smithing
Hatchet (class 4) Class 4 level 60 Woodcutting level 60 Smithing
Hatchet (class 5) Class 5 level 80 Woodcutting level 80 Smithing

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