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Simple clues Edit

Simple clues are exactly what it says on the tin. They are almost invariably found in level 1 trails. These clues tell precisely what to do; either the player has to talk to someone or search a specified location. They do not require the player to perform an emote; for those types of clue please see the list of emote clues.

List of cluesEdit

Following is a list of all known simple clues.


Clue Notes Level
A crate found in the tower of a church is your next location. Climb up the stairs of the church in East Ardougne, not the Kandarin Monastery.


A town with a different sort of night-life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses.

East crate in Barker's clothing shop in Canifis.


After trawling for bars, go to the nearest place to smith them and dig by the door. Dig outside in front of the door of the smithy in Port Khazard, next to the Trawler minigame 2


Clue Notes Level
Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree.
Simple clue Dig Grand Tree mushrooms
Dig near the red mushrooms northwest of the Grand Tree.


Clue Notes Level
Go to the village being attacked by trolls and search the drawers in one of the houses. In Gaius's sword shop in northern Burthorpe. Click the drawer, then go to the house south-east of the shop and kill Penda. Pick up the key and then click on the drawer again. All levels


Clue Notes Level
Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador.
Simple clue Falador ground floor crate
The house east of the east bank.


Clue Notes Level
North of the best monkey restaurant on Karamja, look for the centre of the triangle of boats and search there.
Simple clue Karamja boats crate
The crate on the dock to the west of the fishing site on the Northern shore of Karamja.


Clue Notes Level
One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination.
Simple clue Port Sarim Captain Tobias
Speak to Captain Tobias on the docks of Port Sarim.


Clue Notes Level
Search a barrel near the gnome banker, in


Simple clue - Barrel in Burthorpe
The banking area east of Warriors' Guild and south west of Burthorpe Castle. The barrel is north of the circle platfrom located next to the bank.
Search a barrel outside the Pick and Lute inn, in Taverley.
Simple clue Pick and Lute barrel
North of The Pick and Lute inn. East of the house portal right next to the lodestone in Taverley.
Search a barrel outside the mill, in Taverley.
Simple clue Taverley mill barrel
East of the bank and south of the mill, next to the wounded soldiers.

Was broken after a clean-up of Taverley where the wounded soldier was deleted, together with the barrel. But the barrel has been replaced.

Search chests found in the upstairs of shops in Port Sarim.
Simple clue Port Sarim food shop upstairs
In the food shop, south-west from the Entrana boat and west from the void-knight recruitment boat. A small ladder can be found on the south wall.
Search for a crate in a building in Hemenster.
Simple clue Hemenster crate
Hemenster is the small area between Seers' Village and the Fishing Guild. Search the building on the water's edge, north-west of the range guild and west of Grandpa Jack's.
Search for a crate in Varrock Palace.
Simple clue Varrock Palace kitchen crate
It's in the kitchen, in the back of Varrock Palace, south of the sink, right next to the door.
Search for a crate on the ground floor of a house in Seers' Village.
Simple clue Seers' Village crate
It is the house directly west of the house with the spinning wheel, north of the church.
Search in the basement of the Artisan Dwarves' workshop in Falador.
Simple clue Artisans workshop basement crate
It's in a stack of crates directly south of the ingots troughs for the cart tracks.
Search the boxes in one of the tents in Al Kharid.
Simple clue Al Kharid tent boxes
The tent just east of Ali Morrisane's stall and west of the cactus farming patch.
Search the boxes in the Goblin house near Lumbridge.
Simple clue Lumbridge goblin house boxes
The box to the right, just inside the door as you enter. The house is located east of Lumbridge, just across the river.
Search the boxes in the house near the South entrance of Varrock.
Simple clue Varrock south entrance boxes
It's the house just south of the sword shop.


Search the crates just outside the armour shop in East Ardougne.
Simple clue Ardougne armour shop boxes
South of the market, just next to the Spice stall and north of the Armour shop.
Search the crates in the house in Al Kharid with racks of silk.
Simple clue Al Kharid house with silk
Found in the house attached to the gem stall. Search the boxes in the southwest corner.
Search the crates of Falador's general store.
Simple clue Falador general store crates
The general store is located in the north-west of Falador.
Search the chest in the Duke of Lumbridge's bedroom. In Lumbridge castle, on the second floor.
Simple clue Horatio's chest
Search the chest in the left-hand tower of Camelot castle.
Simple clue Camelot castle southwest tower chest
Go inside the southwest corner tower of Camelot Castle. Climb the ladders to the second floor, third floor and search the chest.
Search the chests in the Dwarven Mine.
Simple clue Dwarven mine chest
From the ladder, go south, then west, then south, search the chests in this location, by the crossbow shop.
Search the chests in Al Kharid palace.
Simple clue Al Kharid palace chest
(Since the Al-Kharid update, the chest is no longer on the first floor. It is on the ground floor in the northeast room. This may be an oversight by Jagex.)
Search the crate in the left-hand tower of Lumbridge castle.
Simple clue Lumbridge left tower chest
It's not IN the castle, it's part of the southern tower near the entrance.
Search the crate near a cart in Port Khazard.
Simple clue Port Khzard crate
Search the crate next to the eastern general store, near the broken cart.
Search the crates in a house in Yanille that has a piano.
Simple clue Yanille piano house crate
North of the Wizards' Guild.
Search the boxes in a shop in Taverley.
Simple clue Taverley sword shop crates
Two-handed sword shop in the north west corner of Taverley.
Search the crates in Canifis. In the raw meat shop, north of the bank.
Simple clue Canifis meat shop crate
Search the crates in Draynor Manor. Top floor of Draynor Manor.
Simple clue Drayor Manor crate
Search the crates in East Ardougne's general store.
Simple clue East Ardougne general store crate
Located directly south of the church.
Search the crates in Horvik's armoury.
Simple clue Horvik's armoury crate
Horvik is the armour shop east of the main square in Varrock.
Search the crates in Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village) helmet shop.
Simple clue Barbarian village helmet shop crate
Go to the shop Peksa owns and search some crates there.
Search the crates in the guard house of the northern gate of East Ardougne.
Simple clue East Ardougne north guard house crate
It's inside the small building just slightly north of Handelmort Mansion, but not quite outside the gates.
Search the crates in the northernmost house in Al Kharid.
Simple clue Al Kharid north house crate
Search the house with the range in the north-west corner of Al-Kharid.
Search the crates in the Port Sarim fishing shop.
Simple clue Port Sarim Fishing shop crate
Search the crates at the door.
Search the crates in the shed just north of east Ardougne.
Simple clue North Ardougne shed crate
It's the building just north of the northern bank.
Search the crates near a cart in Varrock.
Simple clue Varrock palace cart crate
South east of Varrock Palace, south of the tree farming patch.
Search the drawers above Varrock's shops.

Check upstairs in Thessalia's Fine Clothes Shop.

Search the drawers found upstairs in the houses of East Ardougne.
Simple clue East Ardougne upstairs pub drawers
In the Ardougne pub just north of the castle. Go upstairs.
Search the drawers in a house in Draynor Village.
Simple clue Draynor Village north house drawers
Search the second most northern most house of Draynor, the one with the wooden fence surrounding the entrance to the door.
Search the drawers in Falador's chainmail shop.
Simple clue Falador chainmail shop drawers
The shop is located near the southern gate to the city, south of White Knights' Castle.
Search the drawers in Catherby's Archery Shop.

The shop is located directly east

of the bank.
Simple clue Catherby archery shop drawers
Search the drawers in one of Gertrude's bedrooms. Gertrude is the lady west of Varrock who gives out cats. 1
Search the drawers in the ground floor of a shop in Yanille.
Simple clue Yanille hunter shop drawers
It's in the Hunter shop, west of Wizards' guild.
Search the drawers in the upstairs of a house in Catherby.
Simple clue Catherby house north of bank upstairs drawers
House directly north of bank, upstairs.
Search the drawers upstairs in the bank to the East of Varrock.
Simple clue Varrock east bank upstairs drawers
The bank is in Varrock itself, on the east side near the museum.
Search the drawers of houses in Burthorpe.
Simple clue Burthorpe houses drawers
It's in the most north-east house, with Hild.
Search the drawers on the first floor of a building overlooking Ardougne market.
Simple clue overlooking Ardougne market drawers
It's to the north of the market, the house is behind the silver stall, the chest is up the staircase.
Search the drawers upstairs in Falador's shield shop.
Simple clue Falador shield shop drawers
The shop is located south-east of the north gates of Falador and north of the furnace.
Search the drawers upstairs of houses in eastern part of Falador.
Simple clue Falador east upstairs drawers
It's the house north of the fountain (south of the Party Room), that has 2 crates upstairs; it is the crate on the left.
Search the tents in the imperial guard camp in Burthorpe for some boxes.
Simple clue imperial guard camp boxes
Search the boxes in the north western tent of Burthorpe.
Search the upstairs drawers of a house in a village where pirates are known to have a good time.
Simple clue Brimhaven house drawers
Brimhaven house across the road from the southern pub; you need to kill a pirate to get the key.
Search through chests found in the upstairs of houses in eastern Falador.
Simple clue Falador east upstairs chest
It's a house with a range in it, north of the fountain.
Search through some drawers found in Taverley's houses. In the eastern house of the 3 small houses in south west Taverley. 1
Search through some drawers in the upstairs of a house in Rimmington.
Simple clue Rimmington upstairs drawers
In the north-eastern house of Rimmington.
Search upstairs in the houses of Seers' Village for some drawers.
Simple clue Seers' Village spinning wheel drawers
It's the house with the spinning wheel - the drawers next to the ladders.
Someone watching the fights in the duel arena is your next destination.
Talk to Jeed on the upperfloor of the Duel Arena.
Speak to a referee.
Speak to the Gnome Ball Referee on the Gnome Ball field. Answer: 5,096


Speak to Arhein in Catherby.
He is in the general store south of the candle shop.
Speak to Brimstail.
Gnome Stronghold, west of the south bank inside cave.
Speak to Donovan the Family Handyman.
Speak to Donovan at the Sinclair Mansion.  He is on the first floor.
1, 2
Speak to Doric who lives north of Falador.
Speak to him in the small house near the members gate to Taverley.
Speak to Ellis in Al Kharid.
He can be found in the tannery north of the bank.
Speak to Gaius in Burthorpe.
Gaius is the owner of the two-handed sword shop in Burthorpe.
Speak to Hajedy.
He owns the cart service north of Brimhaven.
Speak to Hans.
He is in the Lumbridge courtyard.
Speak to Hazelmere.
On the second floor of the house on the green spider island east of Yanille. Use Fairy Ring code C•L•S for quick access. The challenge scroll answer is 6,859
Note: This clue is impossible to receive after While Guthix Sleeps, and if the player already has it at the time, it will be replaced by the clue indicating to speak to Brimstail.
Speak to Kangai Mau.
Inside the food shop in Brimhaven.
Speak to Ned in Draynor Village.
Lives in the house north-east of the Wise Old Man.
Speak to Roavar.
Found in Canifis Bar. Kharyrll Teleport takes you directly to the bar. Fairy Ring C•K•S is also nearby.
Speak to Sir Kay in Camelot Castle.
East from Seers' Village. Camelot teleport is recommended. He's near the fountain in the courtyard.
Speak to the bartender of the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.
The bartender of the inn located in the southern area of Varrock. East from the weapon shop.
Speak to the staff of Sinclair Mansion.
Speak to Louisa in the room next to the spiral staircase. North from Seers' Village.
Speak to Ulizius.
He is the guard to the Mort Myre Swamp, west from Canifis. Use fairy ring code: C•K•S, to approach him fast.


Clue Notes Level
Talk to the bartender of the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim.
Port sarim lvl 1
Speak to the bartender of the pub in the north of Port Sarim.
Talk to the Squire in the White Knights' castle in Falador.
TT falador squire
Located near the east door to the castle.
Talk to Zeke in Al Kharid.
TT simple clue scimitar shop
Speak to the owner of the scimitar shop in Al Kharid.
The treasure is buried in a small building full of bones. Here is a hint: it's not near a graveyard.
BuildingFullOfBones clue
It's in the western building at the Rag and Bone Man's site near the Limestone quarry east of Varrock. Dig south of the crate of bones in the building.

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