Promo Update Start End Description
Celebration Lamps Update 30 December 4 January Almost all skill items have been replaced with celebration lamps - prismatic lamps which give regular experience in one skill, and 5% of that amount of experience in all other skills. Every 10th lamp used increased experience gained by 2%.
Christmas Advent Calendar Update 1 December 24 December Get a free item everyday from the calendar (or claim them later) and each day there's a previous promotion making a return to Treasure Hunter, but only for that day.
Rainbow's End Update 24 November 28 November Get the rainbow cape and amulet from Treasure Hunter and use the multiplier unlocks to increase the amount of items obtained per key.
Revenge of the Giant Mimic Update 17 November 21 November This promotion sees the return of the Giant Mimic and adds the mimic plushie and new weapon override tokens to the rewards.
Smouldering Lamps Update 10 November 14 November Smouldering lamps return to Treasure Hunter once more!
Celebration of Fire Update 3 November 7 November The giant bonfire returns to Lumbridge Crater and sees the addition firewood and fire stones.
Walk Like a Zombie Update 27 October 2016 31 October 2016 Complete the tasks on the fleshy parchment and unlock rewards like the Zombie Walk override.
Attack of the Zombie Sprouts Update 20 October 2016 24 October 2016 Aid either the sprouts or the zombie sprouts and unlock two new pair of wings overrides and a pet!
Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit Update 13 October 2016 17 October 2016 Collect pieces of the gorajan outfits and combine them to make the warped gorajan trailblazer outfit.
Prismania Plus 2 Update 6 October 2016 10 October 2016 This promotion gives 50% extra XP to all skills when using a prismatic star or lamp, and 60% extra XP on a set of skills depending on the day.
Sunfury Armour Update 29 September 2016 3 October 2016 Collect solar flares to unlock the Sunfury armour cosmetic overrides!
Time to Train Update 22 September 2016 26 September 2016 Treasure Hunter hosts various rewards in order to facilitate training during the Double XP Weekend.
Harvest Festival Update 15 September 2016 19 September 2016 It's time to celebrate the Harvest again!
Beyond the Arc Update 8 September 2016 12 September 2016 Sail to Treasure Hunter and get some Easter Lands themed armour.
Wonderbar Update 1 September 2016 5 September 2016 Sees the return of former lucky items by charging the gem to get a guaranteed purple gem item.
Clairvoyance Update 25 August 2016 29 August 2016 See the gem value of what is inside of some of the chests.
Beach Party Update 18 August 2016 22 August 2016 New beach items have arrived with the beach.
Build A Beach Update 11 August 2016 15 August 2016 Get out of the sun with colourful parasols for the Beach.
Summer Sizzler Update 4 August 2016 8 August 2016 Bright stars and lamps are added.
Hearts of Fire Update 28 July 2016 1 August 2016 Light and Dark armour sets are added.
Agility & Hunter Dummies Update 21 July 2016 25 July 2016 Skilling dummies are expanded for the Agility and Hunter skills.
Boat to the Arc Update 14 July 2016 18 July 2016 To get to the Eastern Lands when they launch on 25th July, we're going to need a bigger boat! Join your RuneScape friends and use a different skill each day to construct a ship, all whilst unlocking fantastic rewards, including an XP-boosting, item-dropping backpack!
Meteor Storm Update 7 July 2016 11 July 2016 Meteor Storm is back with a bang. Get your hands on Meteorites and Space Dust which have replaced standard XP lamps and stars.
Advanced Pulse Cores 2 Update 29 June 4 July Get both extra fast Bonus XP and stacking XP buffs as Advanced Pulse Cores make a return to Treasure Hunter!
Armour of Seasons Update 24 June 27 June Collect the pieces to create seasonal outfits which together can be combined into one Armour of Seasons!
Dragon Chests Update 16 June 20 June Use your keys for the return of the prize multiplying dragon chests!
Elite Skilling Outfit Bonanza Update 9 June 13 June Use keys to get your hands on outfits that will boost your Fishing, Mining, Divination and Runecrafting.
Gemerator Update 2 June 6 June Use keys and fill the gemerator with gems to unlock gem-related overrides!
Lava Lanterns Update 26 May 30 May Lava lanterns give 75% of the experience of a lamp and a fallen star!
Bonus Chests 2 Update 19 May 23 May Double or even triple your rewards!
Protean Memories Update 12 May 16 May Protean memories have been added to Treasure Hunter!
Master Camouflage Outfit Update 5 May 9 May Combine pieces of the three camouflage outfits to create the Master Camouflage outfit, with Thieving teleports, auto-pickpocketing and more!
Smouldering Lamps Return Update 28 April 2 May Smouldering lamps are back, consuming bonus XP for an even bigger experience reward.
Vampyre Hunter Outfit & Amulet Update 21 April 25 April Collect feral vampyre fangs and trade them in for pieces of an exclusive override set and a functional amulet.
Metallic & Chromatic Dragon Trinkets Update 14 April 18 April Dragon trinkets make their return, along with a new counterpart that affects metallic dragons instead.
Shadow Realm Sundering Update 7 April 11 April Rifts to the Shadow Realm started appearing around Gielinor, work together to close the rifts and unlock new cosmetic wings.
Rare Refresh Update 31 March 4 April The Rare Tokens Store has received a refresh, old items were removed, new items were added and the remaining items were bumped from current to limited and from new to current.
Flight of the Butterflies Update 24 March 28 March Solve the puzzle and unlock butterfly related items and a teleport by prestiging the puzzle.
Heart of Gielinor: Encampment Update 17 March 21 March Help Ajjat get the area around the Heart ready for its opening by using basic and golden tools to train adventurers, clear the area, and build statues.
Nimble and Fletcher's Outfits Update 10 March 14 March Gather the lightweight feathers and combine them into the Nimble and Fletcher's outfits.
Prismania Plus Update 3 March 7 March All prismatic fallen stars and lamps give 50% extra (bonus) experience, with one random category of skill being boosted an extra 10% every day.
Time to Train Update 25 February 29 February Treasure Hunter hosts various rewards in order to facilitate training during the Bonus XP Weekend.
The Mimic Rises Update 18 February 22 February Kill the Giant Mimic for various rewards, including brand-new rares.
Valentine's 2016 Update 11 February 15 February Collect Valentine's petals to unlock rewards, like the Sceptre of enchantment from this year's Valentine's event, as well as loot from Valentine's 2015 and 2014.
Zodiac Training Update 4 February 10 Febraury Complete tasks on the Zodiac Card to earn parts of dragon outfits, and prestige to obtain more colours.
Grotesque Armours Update 28 January 1 February Create Grotesque Armour with grotesque souls and level it up with soul gems or through Slayer.
Meteor Storm Update 21 January 25 January Meteors and space dust can be won, which give 75% more (bonus) experience in the player's five lowest skills, and 25% in the others.
Loot Piñatas Update 14 January 18 January Piñatas can be placed and smashed for a variety of rewards, including two new rares: the pinata plushie and sombrero.
Dragon Chests 2 Update 7 January 11 January Dragon chests make a return, with this promo adding the god chest which gives five times more items than a regular chest.

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