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Release date 11 December 2013 (Update)
Members? No
Skill Constitution
Level 10
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment None
Cooldown 180 seconds
You are bound and interrupted for 6 seconds. When this ends, you heal 250% of any damage taken (maximum of 75% of your lifepoints), and become immune to stuns and binds for 15 seconds.
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Transfigure is an ultimate constitution ability. It binds the user for 6 seconds, and when the bind ends, the player heals 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and becomes immune to stuns and binds for 15 seconds, although this immunity does not appear on the Buffs and debuffs bar. The healing is capped at 75% of your maximum lifepoints, taking armour and bonfire boosts into account.

The ability cannot be used whilst immune to stuns. Freedom (along with all other abilities) is disabled while under its effect. Transfigure takes into account all incoming damage, including typeless damage from various attacks and self-inflicted attacks from abilities like Blood Tendrils, and even damage from dropping Nitroglycerin. It is still possible to die while the effect is in place. Transfigure's bind only disables abilities and movement, meaning that it is still possible to eat and change prayers under its effect.

It was first obtainable by participating in the second world event, at a cost of 105,000 renown and a dragon event token. With the death of Bandos and end of the event, it can now be obtained as a rare drop from General Graardor and Kree'arra[1]. It is also obtainable from their bodyguards.

It is highly recommend to have Lootshare enabled in order to obtain these abilities, as it seems to be extremely common to obtain than not having it enabled.

These abilities are individual drops, however it is possible to receive multiple abilities in a single kill. When received as a drop it is automatically learned; it does not drop as an item. When received as a drop, the message "You have unlocked the Transfigure ability!" appears in the chatbox.

During the Tuska Comes world event, the ability could be bought for 3,500 Reward Currency. Afterwards, it was made available in the Anima Islands Distraction & Diversion reward shop for 10,000 Reward Currency. Late 2016 the price was reverted back to 3,500 Reward Currency.


  • Originally, the healing was capped at 5,000. After an update on 22 August 2016, this cap was changed to be 32,000. Finally, on the 12 September 2016, the healing cap was changed to be 75% of the user's maximum life points.


  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Moltare's Twitter account. 11 Dec 2013. Mod Moltare: "Will the abilities be available after the event ends? - yes, as a very rare drop from Graardor and Kree."

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