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Skill Constitution
Level 10
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline -100%
Equipment None
Cooldown 180 seconds
You are stunned for 6 seconds. When the stun ends, you heal 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and become immune to stuns for 15 seconds.
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Transfigure is an ultimate ability associated with the Constitution skill. It stuns the player for 6 seconds. However, when the stun ends, the player heals 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and becomes immune to stuns for 15 seconds. The player can still die while the effect is in place. It was previously obtained by participating in the The Bird and the Beast world event, at a cost of 105,000 renown in the tier 3 section, additionally requiring a dragon token. Now that the event is over, it can be obtained as a very rare drop from General Graardor and Kree'arra[1]. When received as a drop from the generals, it is automatically learned; it does not drop as an item. When received as a drop, the message You have unlocked the Transfigure ability! appears in the chatbox.

The maximum amount of lifepoints restored using this ability is 5,000, meaning that the maximum amount of damage useful to the player is 2,000. The ability cannot be used whilst the player is immune to stuns, and the Freedom ability is disabled while the player uses Transfigure.


  1. ^ Mod Moltare. Twitter. 11 December 2013. “Will the abilities be available after the event ends? -yes, as a very rare drop from Graardor and Kree.”*
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