World Event 3, first teaserEdit

  • Astromancer: Sorry, I'm rather busy at the moment!

World Event 3, second teaser: introductionEdit

  • Astromancer: Have you heard the news?
  • Player: What news?
  • Astromancer: A huge astrological object is hurtling towards us! It's so big it'll shatter the planet into tiny pieces if it hits!
  • Player: What!?
  • Astromancer: I know right! It's great!
  • Player: Erm, come again?
  • Astromancer: I've been waiting for this moment my entire life! Don't bother with all that astro nonsense they said. Astronomical research is a dead end they said. Well look who's laughing now! I can't wait to see what it actually is!
  • Player: So let me get this straight. A world-annihilating entity is barrelling through space straight for us and you're fine with that?
  • Astromancer: Of course, why wouldn't I be? I finally get to put all of my astronomical theories into practice.
  • Player: But we're all going to die!
  • Astromancer: Nah, we'll be fine. The world is full of heroes that will want a bit of the glory associated with stopping this cataclysmic event, yourself included I bet. You do your job, I'll do mine eh?
  • Player: You're crazy!
  • Astromancer: That's what all of the other wizards said. But now look at me! An apocalypse waiting to happen and all that stands between us and utter destruction is my 'pointless' research!

World Event 3, third teaser: sending Apollo to spaceEdit

Immediately lighting the barrel
  • Astromancer: Careful, that's sensitive equipment I could use some help however, come over and here and we can discuss the details.
Initial dialogue
  • Astromancer: Ah, just in time. How would you like to go down in the history books for being part of the first practical use of Astromancy?
  • Player: Astro-what?
  • Astromancer: Astromancy! With recent events my research has flourished into a fully recognised school of magic!
  • Player: Recognised by who exactly?
  • Astromancer: By yours truly, the founder and chairman of the Astromancy council!
  • Player: Right...
  • Astromancer: So what do you say? Want to take part in a totally safe and legitimately sanctioned Astromancy experiment?
    • Player: Sure, what could possibly go wrong?
      • Astromancer: That's the spirit!
      • Astromancer: I'm going to send a lodestone up to the 'space object' so we can go and investigate.
      • Astromancer: However, I need you to initiate the payload launch so I can fully concentrate on guiding it's[sic] trajectory.
      • Astromancer: So if you could just light the fuse on the barrel over there that would be grand!
      • Player: Okay. You're sure this is safe?
      • Astromancer: If that helps make you more comfortable then sure, it's totally safe!
      • Player: You really are full of encouragement...
    • Player: Er, maybe later...
      • Astromancer: Don't take too long! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Talking again
  • Astromancer: Just light the fuse on the barrel over there and we can make Astromantic history!
After lighting the barrel
  • Player: You shot an innocent monkey into space!?
  • Astromancer: Technically YOU shot an innocent monkey into space. I'm just making sure it gets there.
  • Astromancer: Either way, thank[sic] for your help! Take this calibration device as a memento of our historical achievements today.
  • You have unlocked the Astromancy calibration device magic offhand override.

Using the Creepy doll on Wizard ChambersEdit

  • Wizard Chambers: Why do people keep showing these things to me? You're the tenth person!
  • Player: Don't you want it? Don't you feel a need to snatch it out of my hands without even asking my permission?
  • Wizard Chambers: I do not want to even be close to that thing.
  • Wizard Chambers: I could fire it into space? I'd be happy to do that.
  • Player: No, it's okay.

Interacting with the Creepy dollEdit

  • Wizard Chambers: What are you doing to me? What is this dark sorcery?
  • Player: That just seems to happen to people when I shake this doll. I don't know why.
  • Wizard Chambers: And you keep doing that? Why would you keep doing that?
    • Player: It's pretty funny.
      • See below
    • Player: To try and understand it.
      • See below
    • Player: I'm not sure to be honest.
  • Wizard Chambers: We are stood upon the back of a destructive force unlike any other, the world eater herself! This is not the time to mess with cursed dolls!
  • Wizard Chambers: You clearly cannot be trusted with such a dangerous artefact!
  • With a flick of the wizard's wrist, your doll goes flying from your hand and hurtling into the infinite void.
  • Player: MY doll! You have no idea how much effort it will take to get another one of those!
  • Wizard Chambers: Good! I'm glad! I hope you don't get another!
  • Player: Can't you at least give me something to replace it?
  • Wizard Chambers: Fine! If you really want, you can have some of the spare safety apparatus.
  • Wizard Chambers hands you what is very clearly a fishbowl.
  • Player: This is very clearly a fishbowl.
  • Wizard Chambers: It is not a fish bowl, it is a protective helmet! That one was worn by my former assistant, Apollo.
  • Player: Then doesn't Apollo need it?
  • Wizard Chambers: Not any more, no... Apollo has completed his mission.

World Event 3Edit

  • Astromancer: Over here, (player's name).
  • Astromancer: I am the Astromancer! Welcome to Tuska - the beast we are tasked with stopping before she reaches Gielinor on her destructive path!
  • Player: How?
  • Astromancer: Behind me is a floating platform. When I have the focus, I can fire it up above Tuska and maneuver the islands to allow adventurers to get closer to Tuskas[sic] head.
  • Player: What do we do if we get to her head?
  • Astromancer: Well, there is powerful Anima energy in the islands. As you move closer to her head you can use this to empower a new god weapon. With enough Anima we can defeat her.
  • Player: So where am I supposed to find this new god weapon?
  • Astromancer: Ah yes, let me show you the other areas of importance here on Tuska's back...
  • Astromancer: Over there you have the various faction representatives. I suggest asking them more about the god weapon and their various battle plans.
  • Astromancer: Tuska appears to become weakened slightly after she is exposed to Anima. While in her weakened state the quills on her back seem to become susceptible to removal.
  • Astromancer: The blue quills give off some strange cosmic energy once removed. If my observations are correct, and they always are, it looks like this energy is capable of enhancing ones[sic] Agility.
  • Astromancer: The green quills will take some more effort to remove. I'm sure that if you were to apply your Woodcutting skills you would be able to make short work of them.
  • Astromancer: I'm not entirely sure that removing the quills is going to help stop Tuska but it does give me more research material.
  • Astromancer: Finally we have this strange source of energy at the top of the spine.
  • Astromancer: Even I'm not entirely sure what it is but what I do know is that it is seething with energy!
  • Astromancer: Well, that's pretty much it. Isn't she marvellous!?
When talked to
  • Player: Who are you?
    • Wizard Chambers: I am the master of Astromancy, a branch of Magic that specialises in the space beyond our world.
    • Player: I can't say I've heard much of this subject.
    • Wizard Chambers: Understandable. They mocked me for my studies back in the Tower. Now they call on me and realise the truth. This will be an event like no other.
      • Player: What happens if we don't stop Tuska?
        • Wizard Chambers: We must. Tuska is on a collision course with our homeworld and we must defend it. Should the worst happen we can only hope the area she hits survives the impact and we've weakened her enough to prevent further damage.
        • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
      • Player: What happens if we defeat Tuska?
        • Wizard Chambers: If we are victorious when this is over, we celebrate! Then we deal with the problem of this massive body heading in the direction of our planet still...
        • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
  • Player: Who is Tuska exactly?
    • Wizard Chambers: From what research has been done, Tuska is an ancient being. Her exact origin is still unknown but it is clear she has had dealing with other Gods. Guthix and Skargaroth to say the least.
    • Player: So why now? Why is Tuska here now?
    • Wizard Chambers: My speculation is that with the edicts destroyed and the Gods attracting attention to the world, Tuska has been lured by the Anima Mundi on our planet. She is drawn to Anima it would seem.
      • Player: What is Anima Mundi again?
        • Wizard Chambers: Anima Mundi is the life force of our planet. It has very close connections with Gods and can bring power to those who seek it. For good or bad.
        • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
      • Player: Please go on.
        • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
  • Player: What can I do here?
    • Wizard Chambers: During the first twenty minutes of every hour, I focus my Astromancy on sending groups of Adventurers towards Tuska. If you wish to take part I suggest you jump over to the platform to the West and await my power. If
    • Wizard Chambers: you've come in a pre-formed group ready to go, just speak to me and I'll send your team immediately.
      • Player: What exactly is there to be done?
        • Wizard Chambers: There is plenty to be done on Tuska. Obviously our main objective is to defeat her. I've scouted some weak spots, but unfortunately they are on her head and her great quills prevent simple access.
        • Player: So how do we get there?
        • Wizard Chambers: Well this is where I come in. I've studied the effects of gravity and various sciences for a long time now. I've managed to devise a plan with the Champions to send adventurers to islands I can stabilise around Tuska.
        • Player: Wait...what?
        • Wizard Chambers: This is the fun bit, yes. The Champions to the East have bought[sic] with them great weapons. However we still need them to be charged with Anima Mundi to breach Tuska's skin and do damage.
        • Wizard Chambers: Luckily this whole area is Anima infused. There are many remnants of destroyed worlds Tuska has visited that still orbit her great mass. We plan to send groups of heroic adventurers to this debris and siphon the Anima, powering
        • Wizard Chambers: the weapon and all the time moving closer to Tuska's weak-spot.
        • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
      • Player: That's all.
        • Wizard Chambers: Farewell.
  • Player: Any other activities?
    • Wizard Chambers: Whilst the process of Astromancy drains me, I've noticed Tuska seems to recover afterwards by regenerating various parts of her body. You can try to prevent this if you wish. When I'm recharging, you may do various
    • Wizard Chambers: activities. I suggest you head north and check out Tuska's Quills, or just south to clear up some parasites.
    • (Conversation returns to the initial options.)
  • Player: All for now.
    • Wizard Chambers: Farewell.
When trying to jump space when recharging for the event
  • Wizard Chambers: Hold on there adventurer. We are currently recharging our energy before we begin the next assault on Tuska.
When talked to when the event is active and the player is in a group
  • Wizard Chambers: Is your group ready to assault Tuska?
    • Player: Yes.
      • (The event tries to start.)
    • Player: No.
      • (Conversation returns to the standard dialogue options.)
When handing in Tuska fragments
  • Wizard Chambers: I see you've managed to chip some shards off of Tuska. Those would be most useful to my research and I'd happily reward you for them!
    • Player: Yes.
      • You gain (Tuska fragments*5) reward points.
    • Player: No.
      • Wizard Chambers: Oh. Okay then.
      • (Conversation returns to the standard dialogue options.)
When handing in meteor shards
  • Wizard Chambers: I see you've collected some meteor shards. We've been studying those to gain insight into the worlds Tuska has visited.
  • Player: Any revelations?
  • Wizard Chambers: Not yet, but we're so close! We could really use more shards. If you'd give me yours, I'd happily reward you.
    • Player: Yes.
      • You gain (Tuska fragments*5) reward points.
    • Player: No.
      • Wizard Chambers: Oh... Well, okay then.
      • (Conversation returns to the standard dialogue options.)
When trying to start the event outside the scheduled time
  • Astromancer: I wouldn't normally be sending anyone up right now. But I could let you start the assault early, but I can only do this once per day.

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