Before completing Underground PassEdit

Witch's cat: Sssss! Thou art brave to wander so far into the domain of Kardia, mine mistress!

Witch's cat: But soon thou shalt become a soulless servant of Lord Iban, like all who come here.

Witch's cat: Glad shall mine heart be when I see thee prostrate thineself before the altars of Zamorak the Mighty.

Player: No milk for you, puss!

After completing Underground PassEdit

Conversation 1Edit

Witch's cat: In Zamorake fides meus.[1]

Conversation 2Edit

Witch's cat: Zamorakus mortem tuum erit![2]

Conversation 3Edit

Witch's cat: In nomine Zamoraki, ite![3]

Conversation 4Edit

Witch's cat: Thou has slain Iban, most wonderous creation of Kardia, mine mistress!

Witch's cat: Flee these caves, wretched human, ‘ere her wrath both blaze forth upon thee full mightily!

Player: Bah! Like I’d want to hang around this place?


  1. ^ I have faith in Zamorak.
  2. ^ Zamorak will kill you!
  3. ^ By Zamorak's name, leave!

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