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Who is the Pharaoh?
By sun and sand we swear: "Don't know."
Sat on his seat high in the heat
While we work here below.

Who is the Pharaoh
And what is it that we now owe?
How can our clan trust in a man
Whose face he does not show?

The Pharaoh's rule once just and fair,
Beloved by all, gave much to share.
But change, it came, now not the same.
We look on with despair.

A usurper he did descend,
Though bloodline rent came to an end.
And from that coup his power grew.
With him we must contend.

Greatness was upon his mind.
A war with Kharid he designed.
With lust for power sought to devour
All others of our kind.

Five years now passed, the peace, it stands
Uneasy truce across the land.
The balance tips by him who sits.
The scales are in his hands.

We travelled here to earn our keep
Across the Elid's water deep.
We look towards our just rewards
But what is it we reap?

We settled here, our land condemned.
Your plague divided us and them
And forced to roam, exiled from home.
Death came to Sophanem.

Who shall we follow,
To guide our hand and help us grow?
He ruled the land, once fair of hand,
So many years ago.

Will you help us, hero?
Relieve oppression, help us grow.
No will to fight, save us from plight.
The tyrant overthrow.

Who is the Pharaoh?
By sun and sand we swear: "Don't know."
His once bright light shone through the night.
He's now just shadow.

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