Conversation 1Edit

Weird Old Man: No thanks, I don't want any.

Conversation 2Edit

Weird Old Man: She likes to be tickled hehehehe.

Player: Okay...

Conversation 3Edit


Player: What's wrong?
Weird old Man: AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Dialgoue Repeats above
Player: I'll leave you to it then... ends dialogue

Conversation 4Edit

Weird Old Man: Pst, want to hear a secret?

Player: Sure!
Weird Old Man: They've got six legs... SIX!
Player: No thanks. ends dialogue

If you've done Desert TasksEdit

The following becomes a dialogue option under conversations 3 and 4, otherwise the dialogue will automatically go to this

Player: About my potato cacti...

Weird Old Man: Oh, them. Not got none of them. Got some paper, though. Here, you can have it…before they get it.

If players have already claimed their potato cacti for the day

Weird Old Man: What? Not got none of them. They probably eat them.