Conversation 1Edit

Weird Old Man: No thanks, I don't want any.

Conversation 2Edit

Weird Old Man: She likes to be tickled hehehehe.

Player: Okay...

Conversation 3Edit


Player: What's wrong?
Weird old Man: AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Dialgoue Repeats above
Player: I'll leave you to it then... ends dialogue

Conversation 4Edit

Weird Old Man: Pst, want to hear a secret?

Player: Sure!
Weird Old Man: They've got six legs... SIX!
Player: No thanks. ends dialogue

If you've done Desert TasksEdit

The following becomes a dialogue option under conversations 3 and 4, otherwise the dialogue will automatically go to this

Player: About my potato cacti...

Weird Old Man: Oh, them. Not got none of them. Got some paper, though. Here, you can have it…before they get it.

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