• Conversation 1
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise waggles its head about.* What are we doing in this dump?
    • Player: Well, I was just going to take care of a few things.
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise shakes its head.* I don't believe it. Stuck here with this young whippersnapper running around having fun.
    • Player: You know, I'm sure you would enjoy it if you gave it a chance.
    • War tortoise: Oh, you would say that, wouldn't you?
  • Conversation 2
    • War tortoise: Hold up a minute, there.
    • Player: What do you want?
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise bobs its head sadly.* For you to slow down!
    • Player: Well, I've stopped now.
    • War tortoise: Yes, but you'll soon start up again, won't you?
    • Player: Probably.
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise waggles its head despondently.* I don't believe it....
  • Conversation 3
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise bobs its head around energetically.* Oh, so now you're paying attention to me, are you?
    • Player: I pay you plenty of attention!
    • War tortoise: Only when you want me to carry those heavy things of yours.
    • Player: I don't ask you to carry anything heavy.
    • War tortoise: What about those lead ingots?
    • Player: What lead ingots?
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise droops its head.* Well, that's what it felt like....*grumble grumble*
  • Conversation 4
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise exudes an air of reproach.* Are you going to keep rushing around all day?
    • Player: Only for as long as I have the energy to.
    • War tortoise: Oh. I'm glad that my not being able to keep up with you brings you such great amusement.
    • Player: I didn't mean it like that.
    • War tortoise: * The tortoise waggles its head disapprovingly.* Well, when you are QUITE finished laughing at my expense, how about you pick up a rock larger than your body and go crawling about with it?
    • War tortoise: We'll see how energetic you are after an hour or two of that.

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