• Vulture chick: Chirrup! (Carry me!)
  • Player: Are you tired already?
  • Vulture chick: Chirrrrup twitter! (I likes the bag!)


Conversation 1Edit

  • Vulture:  Awk craaaawawk! Awk craaaawawk! (Pay attention to me!)
  • Player: Do you have to be that noisy?
  • Vulture:  Craaaaw! (Yes!)

Conversation 2Edit

  • Vulture:  Craaaawawk? (Do you smell that?)
  • Player: Smell what?
  • Vulture:  Crawcawwww. (Dead Stuff.)
  • Player: No, thankfully.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Vulture:  Craaaawk awwwk craaaw? (Can we go digging up dead things?)
  • Player: Well, if we do will you stop making that racket?
  • Vulture:  Craaaawk. (I makes no promises.)

Conversation 4Edit

  • Vulture:  Awk! Awk! (I smell dead people!)
  • Player: How often do you smell them?
  • Vulture:  Craaaaw crawk! (All the time...)


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