• Conversation 1
    • Void spinner: Let's go play hide an' seek!
    • Player: Okay, you hide and I'll come find you.
    • Void spinner: You'll never find me!
    • Player: What a disaster that would be...
  • Conversation 2
    • Void spinner: My mummy told me I was clever.
    • Player: Aren't you meant to be the essence of a spinner? How do you have a mother?
    • Void spinner: What you mean, 'essence'?
    • Player: Never mind, I don't think it matters.
    • Void spinner: My logimical powers has proved me smarterer than you!
  • Conversation 3
    • Void spinner: I'm coming to tickle you!
    • Player: No! You've got so many tentacles!
    • Void spinner: I'm coming to tickle you!
    • Player: Aieee!
  • Conversation 4
    • Void spinner: Where's the sweeties?
    • Player: They are wherever good spinners go.
    • Void spinner: Yay for me!
  • Conversation 5 (With Purple sweets in inventory)
    • Void spinner: You have sweeties for spinner?
    • Player: Sweeties? No sweeties here.
    • Void spinner: You do! You do! Gimmie sweeties!
    • Player: I don't have any sweeties!
    • Void spinner: What you hiding in your backpack, then?
    • Player: That? Oh, that's...erm...worms! Yes, worms. Purple worms.
    • Void spinner: Yucky!

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