Talking to during a Winter eventEdit

  • Vitharr: Hello [Fremennik name]. Are you here to help in the fight against Hati's brother, Sköll?
    • What are you doing here?
      • Player: What are you doing here?
      • Vitharr: Hati has been a thorn in the side of the Fremennik for too long. We have defeated him many times in battle, but each time he returns! We must turn out attention to Sköll in the hope that his defeat will set us free.
        • Who are these wolves?
          • Vitharr: Three wolves have appeared around here; Hati, Sköll and Fenrir.
            • Who is Hati?
              • Player: Who is Hati?
              • Vitharr: A deadly wolf that preys upon any weak and lost Fremennik over winter. Hati chases the moon and seeks to devour it, without concern for the darkness it will bring.
              • Vitharr: If you wish to battle Hati, my sister to the east can point you in the right direction.
              • Vitharr: Three wolves have appeared around here; Hati, Sköll and Fenrir.
              • (Returns to the previous options.)
            • Who is Sköll?
              • Player: Who is Sköll?
              • Vitharr: Sköll is the brother of Hati, but stronger, more agile, fearless. As Hati hunts the moon, Sköll chases the sun. He draws strength from the cold northern winds, which blow strongly at this time of year.
              • Player: So, you are calling Sköll to your village when he is at his strongest? Are you crazy! What do you hope to achieve?
              • Vitharr: The wolf brothers must realise that the Fremennik cannot be bested at any time of year. We won't stand back while they pick off our family and friends. Maybe then the cowards will move on to weaker prey.
                • Is there anything I should know about fighting him?
                  • Player: Is there anything I should know about fighting him?
                  • Vitharr: Sköll can be harmed by blade, arrow or spell. He is strengthened by the cold, so we suspect that he has a weakness to heat.
                  • Player: Good to know, thanks.
                  • (Returns to the previous options.)
                • Is there a reward for defeating the beast?
                  • Player: Is there a reward for defeating the beast?
                  • Vitharr: We can fashion boots from the wolf's fur, imbued with the agile wolf's spirit and its ties to nature. They will grant you additional Agility and Woodcutting experience.
                  • Vitharr: You may also receive an amulet that you can wear as a symbol of your victory, to boast to the world that you slew the great wolf.
                  • (Returns to the previous options.)
                • That's all I wanted to know.
                  • (Returns to the options three levels back.)
            • Who is Fenrir?
              • Player: Who is Fenrir?
              • Vitharr: Fenrir... some say when Fenrir appears, it is a sign that the End of All Things is upon us!
              • Player: That can't be good.
              • Vitharr: We are hoping to keep him away, but need support! He seems to be appearing to the south east of Rellekka.
              • Player: I shall go and investigate.
              • Vitharr: Three wolves have appeared around here; Hati, Sköll and Fenrir.
              • (Returns to the previous options.)
            • Something else
              • (Returns to the options two levels back.)
        • What do you want me to do?
          • Player: So, what do you want me to do?
          • Vitharr: Chop down some of the nearby trees and add logs to the fire.
          • Player: How will that help?
          • Vitharr: Our sagas tell us that Hati was first drawn to our lands by the snow, mistaking it for the moon. In a similar manner, I suspect we can perk Sköll's interest by building a huge fire.
          • Player: Snow doesn't look anything like the moon, and I don't think a bonfire really compares to the sun!
          • Vitharr: An eternity of longing sometimes blinds you. These wolves have nothing but an intense desire to devour.
          • (Returns to the previous options.)
        • Let's go kill Hati!
          • Player: Let's go kill Hati!
          • Vitharr: You have tried this yourself. Many of us have. Yet, still, he returns to take more victims.
          • Vitharr: We will lure his brother, Sköll, to show that the Fremennik spirit still burns strongly! If we can defeat the mighty Sköll, even Hati will think twice about paying us another visit.
          • Player: So, your plan is to bring an even more powerful wolf here?
          • Vitharr: You know our ways, [Fremennik name]. We Fremennik do not hide when times trouble us. We rise up and meet them with our greatest weapons: strength and courage.
          • (Returns to the previous options.)
        • Goodbye.
          • Player: Goodbye.
          • Vithar: Farewell, [Fremennik name]. Be careful out there. Hati and Sköll are not the only wolves to prowl these woods.
    • Yeah, I'm here to kill Sköll.
      • Player: Yeah, I'm here to kill Sköll!
      • Vitharr: Hah! That's the spirit.
      • Vitharr: Build up the bonfire so it burns with the intensity of the sun. Add logs to the fire soo that Sköll will rush to our realm to investigate.
        • Who are these wolves?
          • (As above.)
        • What do you want me to do?
          • (As above.)
        • Let's go kill Hati!
          • (As above.)
        • Goodbye.
          • (As above.)
    • Goodbye.
      • (As above.)

Checking the bonfireEdit

Without logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Let's get this fire roaring! Around 120 logs should do it.

With 1–30 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Put your back into it! We still need [X] logs.

With 31–60 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Getting close, but I reckon we need [X] more logs.

With 61–90 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Keep those logs coming. We need around [X] more.

With 91–118 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Can you sense it? There is rage in the air. Only [X] logs to go.

With 119 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Can you sense it? There is rage in the air. Only 1 log to go.

With 120 logs addedEdit

  • Vitharr: Prepare for battle!

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