• Conversation 1 (when damaged)
    • Vampyre bat: You're vasting all that blood, can I have some?
    • Player: No!
  • Conversation 2
    • Vampyre bat: Ven are you going to feed me?
    • Player: Well for a start, I'm not giving you any of my blood.
  • Conversation 3
    • Vampyre bat: I want to eat somethink.
    • Player: I'm sure you do; let's go see what we can find.
  • Conversation 4
    • Vampyre bat: Ven can I eat somethink?
    • Player: Just as soon as I find something to attack.
  • Conversation 5 (when in a dark area)
    • Vampyre bat: Ze creatures ov ze dark; vat vonderful music zey make.
    • Player: Riiight.
    • Vampyre bat: I like it down here. Let's stay and eat moths!
    • Player: I think I'll pass, thanks.

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