During the winter eventEdit

  • Vali: I hear things in the woods - strange howling and great crashing, as if trees were being uprooted like weeds. The noises come from the north of the woods that surround the town. I'm not letting my children near there until someone hunts down the monster.
  • (If the player has not killed Hati:)
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
  • (If the player has killed Hati:)
    • Player: Don't worry, ma'am, the beast is dead. I killed it myself.
    • Vali: If only it were that easy... Hati is a creature of purest winter. Your efforts were valiant, but it will always return to stalk the woods until the depths of this season are passed. My sister Vitharr believes it can be driven away. You are a strong warrior; if you help defeat the wolf's brother Sköll, I'm sure you will be rewarded.
    • (Continues below.)
  • Who is Hati?
    • Player: Who is Hati?
    • Vali: A creature of elemental power and endurance, spawned from a place beyond this world. His purpose, and eventual fate, is to catch and devour the moon, just as his brother, Sköll, will one day consume the sun. Until then they abide, and bring the freeze of winter's depths and scorching heat of summer's height to the lands.
    • Player: Can they be stopped? Killed? Reasoned with?
    • Vali: They do not know pity or remorse or fear, and absolutely will not stop until their purpose is fulfilled. Just as we can endure the winter and the summer with fortitude, so can we face and overcome these wolves in combat.
    • Player: That's what I like to hear.
    • Vali: My people believe that in doing so one can take a portion of their power into oneself, and therefore gain insight.
      • Do I need to know anything in particular to fight Hati?
        • Player: Do I need to know anything in particular to fight Hati?
        • Vali: Its physical body is vulnerable as any other wolf is to blade, arrow or spell.
        • Player: That's good.
        • Vali: But its will gives it an endurance far beyond any wolf, and the rage of winter within it lets it strike with chilling hoarfrost.
        • Player: That's not so good.
          • Who is Hati?
            • (As before.)
          • I'd best be off.
            • Player: I'd best be off.
      • Ah, I see.
        • Player: Ah, I see.
  • Do I need to know anything in particular to fight Hati?
    • (As before.)
  • What is your sister trying to do?
    • Player: What is your sister trying to do?
    • Vali: She is trying to call an even more powerful creature to our realm. The beast is Hati's brother, Sköll, and I advise caution if you intend to seek him out. You can find Vitharr to the west, if you do not fear death.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.
      • Who is Hati?
        • (As before.)
      • I'd best be off.
        • Player: I'd best be off.
  • Who is Fenrir?
    • Player: Who is Fenrir?
    • Vali: When Fenrir appears, we believe The End of Things is upon us.
    • Player: How can I help?
    • Vali: Fenrir attacks from the south east. There are rumours that he can summon Hati and Sköll to aid him. You should bring some friends to help.
  • Noted.
    • Player: Noted.

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