Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: You're not quite as scary when you're this size.
  • TzRek-Jad: Do not mock me, human.
  • Player: Aww, so cute.
  • TzRek-Jad: I will rend your flesh from your bones and feast on your suffering!
  • Player: Bad Jad! Bad! In your box! No chew toy for you!
  • TzRek-Jad: No! Tiny human, I beg not take away Mr Squeekles. He needs me.
  • Player: Mr Squeekles?
  • TzRek-Jad: Do not judge me.

Conversation 2Edit

  • TzRek-Jad: Cower, tiny creature.
  • Player: Look who's talking.
  • TzRek-Jad: You will mock me less when I reach my full size.
  • Player: Hah, I beat you once, no reason I can't do so again.
  • TzRek-Jad: But this time, I am ready for you. I have studied you.
  • Player: Haha..yea...good point.

Conversation 3Edit

  • TzRek-Jad: Human pet, scratch my ears now; I command you!
  • Player: You have ears? Also, I'm not your pet.
  • TzRek-Jad: Hahaha... Of course you are, tiny creature.
  • Player: I'm not so small compared to you either.
  • TzRek-Jad: I'm...erm...kneeling.

Conversation 4Edit

  • Player: Aaaargh! Jad! Aaargh!
  • TzRek-Jad: Rrrr?
  • Player: Yea...not quite the same when you're so small.

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