Fings wot I've eaten' in dis place:

Day wun: Icy bones. Good name. Me called dat now.

Day too: Ice spider. Crunchy. Taste good.

Day free: Rocks. Tastes same as uvver rocks, but 'arder. Teef 'urt.

Day four: Nuffink. Teef still 'urt.

Day five: Noisy human wearin' fur.

Day sicks: Fur. Taste okay. Froat itchy now.

Translation to proper speechEdit

Things that I have been eating in this place:

On the first day, I ate some icy bones, and assumed that name.

On the second day, I ate a crunchy ice spider, which tasted delectable.

On day three, I ate rocks, which were detrimental to my dental welfare.

I ate nothing on day four due to prolonged pain in my teeth.

On the fifth day, I ate a noisy human wearing fur garments.

On day six, I ate fur, which irritated my throat.

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