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First conversationEdit

  • Trinks: Greetings, friend! The spirits have answered our prayers. You have come to help us, yes?
    • Yes, I have come to lend you my aid!
    • Erm, help you with what?
      • Trinks: Oh, so you have did not hear the call of the spirits? Still, it matters not. They work in mysterious ways.
      • Trinks: Here in Kanatah we're doing everything within our power to survive. The Airut attack the village almost daily, but we're gradually learning their patterns.
      • Trinks: If you're willing to help us rebuild and fight back you would gain favour with the Elders. They would likely see fit to reward you!
    • No, I'm just looking around.
      • Trinks: Oh, sorry, I must have been mistaken. Please come back if you change your mind!

Subsequent conversationsEdit

  • Trinks: Hello, [player]!
    • Talk about tasks.
      • Trinks: Ahh tasks, yes yes we can talk about tasks!
        • Would you like Trinks to assign you a task?
          • Yes.
            • Trinks: We need to light the signal beacon on the edge of Nemi forest to the west so we can send for help from Village Otot. Could you do it for us?
            • Trinks: Some of our elders have fallen sick. We need the fruit from a Pahtli plant if we are you have any hope of saving them. Please find one in Nemi forest!
            • Trinks: Since we lost village Cotoch lots of driftwood has washed up on the shore to the east. If you could collect 10 for us we could use it to rebuild!
            • Trinks: The fences around Kanatah have been torn apart in an Airut ambush, it would really help us if you could repair 10 of them.
            • Trinks: The Airut attacked our camp during the night, we need to rebuild. Could you help by salvaging 5 scraps from the tents they ruined?
            • Trinks: The Airut are encroaching on our land to the west. Please could you help us fight them off by killing 10 of them?
              • Trinks: You may use this poison on the Airut. It will weaken them substantially.
            • Trinks: The Airut have taken our friends, they want to enslave them! Please, go to their camp in the west. Free our friends and take vengeance on their captors!
              • Trinks: You may use this poison on the Airut. It will weaken them substantially.
            • Trinks: The path to our village has been blocked by fallen rocks, it would take too long for us to move them. Could you please clear 10 for us?
            • Trinks: I need to scribble a mark on your hand to take it to Acca Otot. It's urgent, he'll know what it means.
          • No.
            • Trinks: Oh, okay. Please come and see me again if you change your mind!

If the player talks to her again without completing the task

  • Trinks: You're already on a task I set you, I hope it's not giving you too much trouble.
    • Trinks: We still need to send for aid. Light the signal beacon on the edge of Nemi forest to the west!
    • Trinks: The condition of the elders is critical. Please, go to Nemi forest and find the Pahtli fruit before it's too late!
    • Trinks: It would really help if you could gather <number> more drift wood. The beach to the east is covered in it!
    • Trinks: Please could you repair <number> more fences?
    • Trinks: You still need to salvage <number> more tent scraps.
    • Trinks: You still need to kill <number> Airut.
    • Trinks: You still need to kill <number> Airut and rescue <number> goebies from the camp to the west!
    • Trinks: There are still a lot of fallen rocks. It would be great if you could clear <number> more!
    • Trinks: Please take the message I sent you to Acca Otot, it is of grave importance!

If the player already has nemi poison still in inventory during a new airut task

  • Trinks: I suggest you use the Nemi poison I gave you before. It should soften the Airut up.

Upon completing the task

  • Trinks: Ah, you've returned friend. And with good news I see! Thank you for doing that for us.

Handing over the trinketEdit

  • Trinks: You found my trinket! Wonderful news, I was searching everywhere for it after our last camp was destroyed.
  • Trinks: Here, [Player]. I want you to have this as a thank you.
  • Trinks hands you a strange glowing orb.
  • Player: Umm... Thanks.
  • Trinks: Try as I might, I've never been able to work out what it does. Perhaps you'll have more luck.

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