• Totally_not_a_scammer_96: Ahh, I can offer you a free level 99 in any skill you want! All I'll need are your account security questions and answers!
  • Give him account information?
    • Yes!
      • Totally_not_a_scammer_96: Aha, you fool!
      • IMPORTANT: You should never give out your security questions in game. The only time you should be writing them is when you're trying to recover your account on the official RuneScape website.
      • Totally_not_a_scammer_96 teleports away.
    • No!
      • Totally_not_a_scammer_96: Grr, you're smarter than you look.
      • The thief begrudgingly hands you a scroll box.
      • You're handed a clue scroll.

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