• Conversation 1
    • Player: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
    • Tiny White Knight: A stormtrooper? Me? How dare you, sir/miss!
    • Tiny White Knight: It's those dratted Kinshra doing the storming, what?
    • Tiny White Knight: Clomping through our city in their size-three boots of disregard.
    • Tiny White Knight: Burning the locals. Abusing the tourists. Terrifying the help.
    • Tiny White Knight: They lack any sense of common decency.
    • Tiny White Knight: And they smell!
  • Conversation 2
    • Player: Cake or pie?
    • Tiny White Knight: Cake.
  • Conversation 3
    • Player: Coffin or cremation?
    • Tiny White Knight: Why not both?
  • Conversation 4
    • Player: Did you fight in the Invasion of Falador?
    • Tiny White Knight: I would've loved to be on the front lines, don't you know, but they felt I'd be more suited to an administrative role.
    • Tiny White Knight: Paperwork. Requisitions. Red tape. That sort of thing.
    • Tiny White Knight: Sir Amik is a little short staffed, you see.
  • Conversation 5
    • Player: Do you like dark chocolate?
    • Tiny White Knight: No.
  • Conversation 6
    • Player: Do you like white chocolate?
    • Tiny White Knight: Yes.
  • Conversation 7
    • Player: Were you there when Saradomin's weakness was discovered?
    • Tiny White Knight: No? What weakness? How would I know of such a thing?
  • Conversation 8
    • Player: your favourite colour?
    • Tiny White Knight: Hah, the answer's obvious. White is the best colour, and my favourite.
    • Player: White isn't a colour.
    • Tiny White Knight: I beg your pardon, sirrah/m'lady?
    • Player: White is achromatic, a colour without colour. It's composed of all frequencies of light in the visible spectrum.
    • Tiny White Knight: Well, bleach my underwear and call me Cecil. I never knew that!
  • Conversation 9 (When near a Tiny Black Knight)
    • Tiny Black Knight: Ebony.
    • Tiny White Knight: And ivory.
    • Tiny Black Knight: Live together in perfect...
    • Both: HARMONY!

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