Conversation 1Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: Ika tha nke rius Zanka Tdaterius! Why isn't this working?!

Conversation 2Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: I can feel the tiny staff's power surging through me!

Conversation 3Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: You dare address a god?

Conversation 4Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: You DARE mock the tiny power of Lucien?

Conversation 5Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: I'm sleepy.

Conversation 6Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: Human! Stop touching me!

Conversation 7Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: Where did you hide the Stone of Jas?
  • Player: I'll never tell.
  • Tiny Lucien: No! It is mine! I AM A GOD!

Conversation 8Edit

  • Tiny Lucien: Sailing or riding?
    • Player: Sailing.
      • Tiny Lucien: SILENCE! I DECIDE!
    • Player: Riding
      • Tiny Lucien: SILENCE! I DECIDE!

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