When used on Thok of DaemonheimEdit

  • Thok of Daemonheim: What you want with Thok?
  • Player: I found this book of yours by rummaging in Balthazar's Raffle, it was at the bottom of a barrel!
  • Thok of Daemonheim: Book did not sell well as Thok want. Showing off book to people, I punch everyone who say book was stupid. Then weaklings who chop tree with axe start to hate Thok too. They say I take all trees so they have nothing to cut. So I punch them too After Thok punch weaklings, green people who hug trees say Thok not think about trees feelings. They say Thok no care if a tree not want to become place where beer goes, I punch them as well. Thok not stupid, Thok king of make stuff with trees!
  • Player: How do you make furniture? I don't see a workbench around here and I'd be very surprised if the Housing Agency allowed you to own a house.
  • Thok of Daemonheim: Thok pick up tree and smash tree over knee until Thok is happy.
  • Player: I'm not sure how that works.
  • Thok of Daemonheim: Thok think of what to make and smash on knee until it is made. It not hard, just need to find tree. Here Thok show-
  • Player: No no no Thok, that isn't necessary. Thank you for whatever that conversation was.
  • Thok of Daemonheim: Thok happy to see book again, Thok no punch you this time.

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