In Thessalia's Fine ClothesEdit

  • Thessalia: Would you like to buy any fine clothes? Or if you're more after fancy dress costumes or commemorative capes, talk to granny Iffie.
    • Player: What do you have?
      • Thessalia: Well, I have a number of fine pieces of clothing on sale or, if you prefer, I can offer you an exclusive, total clothing makeover?
        • Player: Tell me more about this makeover.
          • Thessalia: Certainly! Here at Thessalia's Fine Clothing Boutique we offer a unique service, where we will totally revamp your outfit to your choosing. Tired of always wearing the same old outfit, day-in, day-out? Then this is the service for you! So, what do you say? Interested?
            • Player: I'd like to change my outfit, please.
              • If wearing armour
                • Thessalia: You can't try them on while wearing armour. Take it off and speak to me again.
            • Player: I'd just like to buy some clothes.
            • Player: No, thank you.
        • Player: I'd just like to buy some clothes.
    • Player: No, thank you.
      • Thessalia: Well, please return if you change your mind.

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