• Player: I'd like to talk about Sq'irks
    • Player: Where do I get sq'irks?
      • Osman: There is a sorceress near the south-eastern edge of Al Kharid who grows them. She used to be friends with Osman, but they fell out.
      • Player: What happened?
      • Osman: I don't know. It's impossible to get any information out of Osman. Anyway, now she won't give us any more fruit.
      • Player: So all I have to do is ask her for some fruit for you?
      • Osman: I doubt it will be that easy. She is not renowned for her generosity and is very secretive about her garden's location.
      • Player: Oh come on it, it should be easy enough to find.
      • Osma: Her garden has remained hidden from even Osman - the chief spy of Al Kharid. I believe her garden must be hidden by magical means.
      • Player: This should be an interesting task. How many sq'irks do you want?
      • Osman: I'll reward you for as many as you can get your hands on, but could you please squeeze the fruit into a grass first?
    • Player: Why can't you get the sq'irks yourself?
      • Osman: Osman and the Sorceress had a falling out. Now she won't give any of us spies fruit from her garden.
    • Player: How should I squeeze the fruit?
      • Osman: Use a pestle and mortar to squeeze the sq'irks. Make sure you have an empty glass with you to collect the juice.
    • Player: Is there a reward for getting these sq'irks?
      • Osman: Of course there is. I am a generous man. I'll teach you the art of Thieving for your troubles.
      • Player: How much training will you give?
      • Osman: That depends on the quantity and ripeness of the sq'irks you put into the juice.
      • Player: That sounds fair enough.
    • Player: What's so good about sq'irk juice then?
      • Osman: Ah it's sweet, sweet nectar for a thief or spy, it makes light fingers lighter, fleet feet flightier and comes in four different colours for those who are easily amused.
      • The man who is not Osman starts salivating at the thought of sq'irk juice.
      • Player: It wouldn't have addictive properties, would it?
      • Osman: It only holds power over those with poor self-control, something which I have an abundance of.
      • Player: I see.
  • Player: I want to talk to you about Sophanem.
    • Osman: I've no idea what is going on there. It's all on a need-to-know basis, so I'm not going to be asking you for information either.
  • Player: Who are you? Osman can't possibly be here!
    • Osman: You can call me Osman, even though I am the man who is not Osman.
    • Player: are one of his agents, but you look just like him?
    • Osman: Of course I look like him, I'm in disguise. What sort of spy would look like a spy?
    • Player: Well, I seem to remember some business with really bad wigs.
    • Osman: Let's change the subject to something Osman might talk about. I don't want to blow my cover.

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