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  • The Whaler: Jumping jellyfish! It's good to see you!
    • Player: How are you doing, Hubbub?
      • Before The Misguide:
        • The Whaler: Oh, not bad. Feeling a bit stranded since my ship went down. I'm sure things will pick up, though.
      • After The Misguide:
        • The Whaler: A bit blue to be honest. Talking to you about my home and - well, what happened has brought it all flooding back.
      • After The Evacuation:
        • The Whaler: I'm worried about ol' Shuma, if truth be told. Something's not right with that girl.
        • The Whaler: Believe me, there's nothing more dangerous than a spooked whale.
      • After Ramraid:
        • The Whaler: Nice of you to ask, matey. I'm just mulling over my plans for how we deal with Shuma. Don't worry, I'm cooking something up that might just be crazy enough to work.
      • After The Old Man of the Sea:
        • The Whaler: Who'd have thought I could speak with sea monsters? I can't wait to talk to old Shuma; that old girl and I have had some adventures in the past.
      • After The Whale Whisperer:
        • The Whaler: I'm grand. Better than grand, even! Who'd have thought me and Shuma would ever be pals? I've got you to thank for that.
      • After Meet the Partner - Again
        • The Whaler: I'm raring to go, now we've got Shuma on our side I don't know how Quin can stop us. Shuma and Hubbub - what a pair, eh?
      • After In Memory of Kirau
        • The Whaler: I'm just waiting for everything to fall into place now! Soon we'll have Quin's heart on a platter and my people's souls will be put to rest.
      • After Assault on Paradise
        • The Whaler: You've come for that hug, haven't you? Oh, I'm fine. I miss Shuma, I'm a little lost without her. But I've got you, and this place. It's sort of like a home away from home, isn't it?
    • Player: I could use your help.
      • The Whaler: Of course! Anything for a friend.
    • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
      • Without the Biologist unlocked:
      • With the Biologist unlocked and not present:
        • The Whaler: I've seen a little lady - Bethan, I think she's called - a scientist of some sort. I wouldn't mind working with her, when she's about.
        • If both the Biologist and Whaler are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
      • With the Biologist unlocked and in the bar:
        • The Whaler: I reckon Bethan and I would make a good team. With her know-how and my...
        • The Biologist: ...and your aptitude for taking a beating without dying, Hubbub!
    • Player: How's the whaling going?
      • The Whaler: The whaling? Oh fine, fine. Well, it's just catching big fish, isn't it? And if the rumours are true, I reckon you could teach me a thing or two about that.
      • The Whaler: We should share big fish stories one of these days.
    • [View Previous Cutscenes]
      • Meet the Whaler Only if he was not your first adventurer.
      • The Misguide
      • The Evacuation
      • Ramraid
      • More
        • The Old Man of the Sea
        • The Whale Whisperer
        • Meet the Partner - Again
        • In Memory of Kirau
        • Assault on Paradise

Story voyagesEdit

Meet the WhalerEdit

  • The Whaler: Flying limpet ghosts! I'm THIS close to embracing you! I haven't seen a human being in three weeks!
  • Player: You've been castaway that long?
  • The Whaler: Drinking turtle blood and eating flying fish! I'd begun talking to the crabs, giving them names...
  • Player: And what happened to your boat?
  • The Whaler: Oh, no need to talk about that. Come, come: let me buy you some soup.
  • Player: I'd prefer to know what happened. You could be a pirate, a sea singer...
  • The Whaler: A sea siren? Cyclopic squids! You a joker? A sea jester? You bring Hubbub to your port so you can chuckle at his misfortune?
  • Player: You will not talk to me like that in my own port.
  • The Whaler: I apologise. I can be...quick to anger.
  • The Whaler: I'm a whaler by trade, and my boat was sunk by a whale. From a whaler's perspective, that's pretty embarrassing.
  • Player: Well, it's nice to meet you, Hubbub.
  • The Whaler: The feeling is mutual. We'll meet again; I owe you an embrace and a meal, after all!
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Whaler adventurer, Hubbub! The Whaler now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

The MisguideEdit

  • The Whaler: Stop a moment! I've got marvellous news. Ships are being destroyed off the coast of the Bay of Echoes!
  • Player: How is that marvellous news?
  • The Whaler: It's Shuma! It has to be! She's the one who cast me adrift when you first met me. She's what you'd call a nemesis - and there's no bigger whale in the Eastern Lands. I've been hunting her for years. She took my leg, and I make her deaf. You westerners might have said it was 'eye-for-an-eye-, no no, but it's more 'leg-for-an-ear'. I can sense the great whale - call it a whaler's instinct. Give me a ship and I'll bring you a cargo-full of blubber.
  • Player: Isn't it more important to save the Bay of Echoes?
  • The Whaler: Yes, but...wait, you think Hubbub is heartless? You think he'd step on the faces of the dead, just to get a jump at Shuma?
  • Player: That's not what I said. I just think we should make the Bay of Echoes our priority.
  • The Whaler: Well, put me on a boat with a trident and a sharpened peg leg, and I'll take Shuma down. One sense at a time, if I have to!

The EvacuationEdit

  • The Whaler: I don't wan to sound like the Sheep Who Cried Dragon, but Shuma is attacking Honazo! It's a crabbing town, so they won't be able to defend themselves.
  • Player: How can you be sure it's Shuma?
  • The Whaler: Boats of refugees, messages for help...My sea monster sense is tingling, too.
  • Player: That sounds like evidence enough. We should start by evacuating the townsfolk.
  • The Whaler: Evacuate? Cannibal halibuts! We need to kill Shuma! Kill her, and no one has to lose their home: evacuate them, everyone loses everything.
  • Player: No Hubbub. We save the people first.
  • The Whaler: Are you feeble-minded? This is the act of a fool, a...
  • Player: Hubbub!
  • The Whaler: Alright, alright. I don't agree, but I can help. I know Shuma, I know what she's capable of, and I promise that I will not attack her.


  • The Navigator: Ahem. Apologies for bothering you.
  • The Whaler: Louder! Big news needs a big voice!
  • The Navigator: Ahem. Hubbub and I have been working together.
  • The Whaler: Oh, it was all him, trust me!
  • The Navigator: We've mapped the path of Shuma. First, where we found Hubbub, then the Bay of Echoes...
  • The Whaler: She was nearby!
  • The Navigator: And then she was near the crabbing village. Plotting those points, she's heading in a straight line...
  • The Whaler: And not too fast, either! Raggedy old Shuma!
  • The Navigator: She's heading directly to the New Heritage, the biggest city in the Eastern Lands.
  • The Whaler: She's getting revenge! Can you believe it? She's getting revenge on humanity!
  • Player: You're sure of it?
  • The Whaler: It makes PERFECT sense. I saw the revenge in her eye, and she's swimming as fast as her aging, battered fins will take her. She wants revenge on the biggest human city she can find: New Heritage!
  • Player: But what could she want revenge for?
  • The Whaler: Who knows? Who cares? That tail of hers alone is enough to cause a tidal wave - a tsunami! We need to her in her way!
  • The Navigator: According to the chart, she's due to pass through the Jade Straits.
  • The Whaler: What do you say? Shall we stand in the way of a whale?

Random eventsEdit

A Simple FavourEdit

  • The Whaler: I don't suppose you've had any shipments of good whiskey, recently...

Last OrdersEdit

  • The Whaler: Another beer? Maybe later.

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