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  • The Trapper: Greetings! Can I help you?
    • Player: How are things going, Reginald?
      • Before Tally-ho!
        • The Trapper: I hope this new hunting ground is as good as your crew made it out to be!
      • After Tally-ho!
        • The Trapper: Hm, that chinchompa was a lively foe. Not quite as dangerous as that horned graahk I fended off with a stick, though.
      • After My Bear Hands
        • The Trapper: I'd like to have another have another [sic] shot at that fearsome bear. But this vanishing creature intrigues me!
      • After Know Thy Enemy
        • The Trapper: Deep in the snowy lands near Rellekka I once fought a sabretooth kyatt. They were difficult to spot...but were not invisible.
      • After Warfare Is Based on Deception
        • The Trapper: I hope you're not going to slow me down with nannies next time I go out!
      • After Theories Abound
        • The Trapper: I have returned! I needed to restock supplies and enjoy the hospitality of your fabulous bar!
      • After Reinforcement
        • The Trapper: Those miners are having a hard time out there! I showed them the move I used to arm wrestle a bear. For self-defence, of course.
      • After Once More Into the Breach & Recipe Number 132: Fresh Idea
        • The Trapper: I was wondering if these creatures are too much for me to handle. Then I remembered that I'm Reginald Wellington-Smythe!
    • Player: I'm in need of someone with your skills.
      • The Trapper: Tally ho! What are we waiting for? Let's get to it!
        • Voyage screen opens
    • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
      • Without the Assassin unlocked
        • The Trapper: I'd work with someone who does all that being stealthy stuff. I hear some people swear by it out east.
      • With the Assassin unlocked and not present
        • The Trapper: I could work with that assassin woman. I might learn a trick or two about stealth - maybe I can pick something up!
        • If both the Trapper and Assassin are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
    • Player: How is the hunting going?
      • The Trapper: Mother loves the trophies I send her. If I accidently have fun wrestling a mountain lion to the ground, then all the better!
    • [View previous cutscenes]
      • Meet the Trapper
      • Tally-ho!
      • With My Bear Hands
      • Know Thy Enemy
      • More
        • Warfare Is Based On Deception
        • Theories Abound
        • Reinforcement
        • Once More Into the Breach
        • Recipe Number 132: Fresh Idea

Random eventsEdit

Last OrdersEdit

  • The Trapper: I'll have a pint later, my dear.

A Simple FavourEdit

  • The Trapper: I don't buy my trophies. Begone!

Meet The TrapperEdit

  • Player: You must be Reginald Wellington-Smythe. We have news of some untouched hunting grounds.
  • The Trapper: Call me Reggie. Now, what did your crew discover?
  • Player: They've spotted several unidentified creatures on an island nearby.
  • The Trapper: A new species, you say? Well, better not tarry! Let's go hunting!
  • Player: The crew only saw six or seven individuals. Shouldn't we ensure there are plenty more?
  • The Trapper: And risk them going extinct in the meantime? I only want one of the blighters. I'll let you know when I'm ready to leave.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Trapper adventurer, Reginald Wellington-Smythe! The Trapper now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.


Before voyage

  • The Trapper: I'm like a larupia in the long grass, ready to pounce. Can we leave soon?
  • Player: Your ship is ready for you. Is your hunting party ready?
  • The Trapper: A Ha! I AM the hunting party!
  • Player: You're going out there alone?
  • The Trapper: Of course! Fun is like a roast lamb - it's best savoured by oneself, in one sitting.
  • Player: I see.

After completion

  • Player: Welcome back Reginald, how was the hunt?
  • The Trapper: It was a belter! I began the day by hunting a chinchompa.
  • Player: You went all that way to hunt a chinchompa?
  • The Trapper: This was no ordinary chinchompa! Size of a mountain lion, but twice as dangerous! Teeth as big as your face! Ended up killing it with a teakettle.
  • Player: Weren't you meant to be hunting a new species?
  • The Trapper: And hunt it I did. By some accident of fate, the creature got away. It ran into a cave and squeezed through a hole that even I could not pass through.

With My Bear HandsEdit

Before voyage After completion

Know Thy EnemyEdit

Before voyage

  • Player: Reginald - you wanted to see me?
  • The Trapper: Most certainly so. I have been thinking about my next hunt. I require information.
  • Player: You strike me as a man of action, not a man of study.
  • The Trapper: I hope that's not intended as an insult.
  • Player: No insult intended, Mr Wellington-Smythe. It just seems unusual.
  • The Trapper: For one to successfully hunt one's prey, one must learn about it. A camouflaged raccoon won't cause any problems, but a camouflaged dagannoth could cause some mischief.
  • Player: We have a ship heading out today. You're more than welcome to join them.
  • The Trapper: Thank you. I'll be leaving Ol' Bessie at home for this one.

After completion

  • The Trapper: Reginald Wellington-Smythe has returned!
  • Player: Were you able to discover anything new about this creature?
  • The Trapper: I hobnobbed with the villagers. The descriptions were inconsistent. I'm not entirely sure they were talking about the same thing.
  • Player: How so?
  • The Trapper: Some described a boar-like creature, others a lizard. Only thing that kept cropping up was an ability to vanish without a trace. Baffling.
  • Player: Maybe there's more than one creature.
  • The Trapper: Multiple animals with the ability to disappear? If that's true, it's remarkable we can see anything on that blasted island! No, something else is afoot here.

Warfare Is Based On DeceptionEdit

Before voyage After completion

Theories AboundEdit

Before voyage After completion

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