Senliten told a tale to thee,
When watery beasts had a decree,
That souls who fell could swim for free,
And the monsters let them be.

Those creatures chose who they would gore,
And left alone the pure and poor,
But then their mouths took more and more
From Elid’s watery jaw.

Now Crondis sat within her tomb,
Consuming all consigned to doom,
No satisfaction in her gloom,
Festering in her room.

The lizard god increased her store,
She ate all things that came before,
Her open mouth and stretching maw,
Took more and more, more and more, more and more.

The hero gave all they could store,
With fearless strength and bravery for,
They dared to question her resolve,
And cried to her 'no more!'

The mighty beast spat out her sin,
A demon formed evil within,
And chained with hate so sure to win,
It beckoned the hero in.

The glutton brought on the attack,
Our hero fought the darkness back,
They pierced the heart of evil black,
And courage did not lack.

Now Crondis free who once was chained,
Restored to hope and life remained,
Was crowned again, godhood regained,
Free she reigned, free she reigned, free she reigned.

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