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  • The Convict: A pleasure, as always.
    • Player: And how are you?
      • Before A Place Called Respite:
        • The Convict: I'm good. I'm just keeping my ear to the ground. Hope to hear of a safe place where I can lie low.
      • After A Place Called Respite:
        • The Convict: Don't look at me like that.
        • Player: You've been lying to me, 'Marcus'.
        • The Convict: I can scarcely forgive myself for doing so, we must discuss it at length, soon - when we're both less busy.
      • After Return Mail:
        • The Convict: Oh, please don't take my blackmailing to heart. Let's put this White Knight business behind us. They're dead now, that's all that matters. We're still friends. I'm... useful to you.
      • After A Thief in the Night:
        • The Convict: I've been thinking on a plan to help the sea orphans. I know that their khan is responsible for the kidnappings, but how to prove it? How can I expose him?
      • After Do Unto Others:
        • The Convict: Oh good, good. Everything is going just swimmingly in Hyu-Ji. We drink, dine, duel. The sea orphans are rather wonderful. I only come here to nurse my hangovers.
      • After Hail To The Khan:
        • The Convict: I know we've had our differences, what with all the blackmail and lying, but I don't hold it against you.
        • Player: How good of you.
        • The Convict: Life is good. I'm a khan, which grants me power and status, and I can get my more subversive kicks from working with you.
      • After Hull Down On The Horizon:
        • The Convict: I know they're our enemies but I must admire their plan.
        • The Convict: The Purists joining forces with pirates and soothsayers... Why, it's a potent force.
        • The Convict: I wouldn't admit it to the others but I'm not convinced Hyu-Ji could survive such an attack.
      • After A Concerted Effort:
        • The Convict: Even with Bethan's chemicals and Tomlin's... attributes, we're going to be hard-pressed to win the fight against the Purists and Co.
        • The Convict: I'm almost... nervous.
      • After The Defiance of Hyu-Ji:
        • The Convict: Oh, life is very sweet. My advisors are practically running Hyu-Ji!
        • The Convict: Apart from the occasional portrait opportunity and the odd signing of legal documents, I live a rather stress-free life, thank Saradomin.
        • The Convict: Oh dear, it seems Tomlin is rubbing off on me. Well, thank whoever for our little escapades.
        • The Convict: Otherwise all this excess and decadence would get a trifle boring.
    • Player: I've got a job that needs doing, a job that requires your skills.
      • The Convict: My skills? Oh it must be a devious job - very devious.
    • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
      • Without the Assassin unlocked:
        • The Convict: If you could find someone light on their feet, clever and fast, I'd consider working with them.
        • Unlock the Assassin (90 Slayer required) to unlock additional joint voyages.
      • With the Assassin unlocked and not present:
        • The Convict: Well I normally work alone, but that assassin who drops in from time to time would certainly complement my skill set.
        • If both the Assassin and Convict are in port at the same time,additionaljoint voyageswill be made available.
      • With the Assassin unlocked and in the bar:
        • The Convict: Oh, I'd be happy to worth with Ling. It's always nice to have an assassin lurking in the rafters, just in case something goes wrong.
        • The Assassin: Sounds like I'll end up doing all the work, then. Very well, let's do it.
        • Voyage screen opens
    • Player: How's the life of an escaped convict?
      • The Convict: Oh, we're all on the run from something. The lives that you and I live can't be so different.
      • The Convict: From what I've heard, you're possibly a better thief than I.
    • [View Previous Cutscenes]
      • Meet the Convict Only if he was not your first adventurer.
      • A Place Called Respite
      • Return Mail
      • A Thief in the Night
      • More
        • Do Unto Others
        • Hail To The Khan

Meet the ConvictEdit

  • Player: I've read your list of convictions, Mr Waxenwing.
  • The Convict: What do you think? I've always been proud of the variety: pickpocketing a noble, blackmailing an archbishop. Oh, impersonating a regent's pet - that's a favourite. Was lucky to get that one.
  • Player: It's quite a range of crimes.
  • The Convict: Cheers. Still, the reign has to come to an end. Either one does the time, or one runs away. So here one is, running away.
  • Player: Why wouldn't I send you back to jail?
  • The Convict: I can see why that'd be tempting, mostly for the reward. But my crimes have never hurt anyone.
  • The Convict: I steal little and often from the obscenely rich, and the money is spent on indulging in their lifestyle. I enjoy the perks of high society.
  • The Convict: If you still want to jail me, well, you should look at yourself. You're a legend in thieving circles. Wouldn't capturing me by hypocritical?
  • Player: Okay, you've persuaded me. How can I help?
  • The Convict: I want to disappear into the east, somewhere quiet. I shall make some enquiries then come back to see you.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Convict adventurer, Horatio! The Convict now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

Hull Down On The Horizon Edit

Before Voyage

  • The Convict: So, a missionary, a convict, and a biologist walk into a port...
  • The Missionary: The Purists are planning an attack on the island.
  • The Convict: ...and the missionary ruins the joke.
  • The Biologist: Excuse me, did you just say the Purists are planning to attack the island?
  • The Biologist: Your data's incorrect. It's pirates. Pirates are organising an invasion.
  • The Missionary: I'm no simpleton, scientist. It's Purists. A man from my congregation heard the news.
  • The Convict: And I can complete the set. A rogue group of soothsayers are planning to raid the island.
  • The Missionary: Look, thief, falsehood is a route to damnation.
  • The Convict: And self-righteousness is a route to being punched on the nose.
  • Player: Everyone stop for a moment. Hyu-Ji can't be invaded by everyone at once.
  • Player: We need to figure out which stories are true. And hope that none of them are.
  • Player: Marcus, as you're a khan now, could you help us get that information?
  • The Convict: I am khan, aren't I? Sure, send me to the Council of Khans - I should really be going anyway. It's being held on Flou Tar-Shei.

After Voyage

  • The Missionary: What's the word on the rumours?
  • The Convict: Well, between the three of us, we've made an enemy of every villain this side of Morytania.
  • The Biologist: Surely you can't mean...
  • The Convict: ...that all three rumours are true? I'm afraid so.
  • The Missionary: I'd better dust down my clobbering robes.
  • The Biologist: Wait a minute - this can't be a coincidence. Three attacks from three different factions on the same day? No-one's that unlucky.
  • Player: Bethan's right. We have to accept the possibility that these three factions are working together.
  • The Convict: Pirates take the island, Purists kill the orphans and soothsayers claim the organs? Yes, I can see how that deal might work.
  • Player: Get back to Hyu-Ji and warn the orphans, then come back here to discuss a plan. We have preparations to make.

A Concerted Effort Edit

Before Voyage

  • Player: So, welcome to the war room! What do you think of Hyu-Ji's chances as the situation stands?
  • The Biologist: I've produced a full field report. It's only 450 pages, with a few fold-out maps and...
  • The Convict: The town's eminently burnable - wooden palisades, wooden shacks. Plus at least seven or eight breaches where the enemy could land.
  • The Missionary: The church is solid, it'll make a strong fall-back point. I indulged myself and added some oil-cauldrons to the roof, so we can hold out in a siege.
  • The Biologist: All of this is in my field report...
  • The Convict: The orphans have been practicing with swords; a fencing style, which should work well against the charge-and-slash of the pirates.
  • The Missionary: And the church guard have maces. There are only ten of them, but I've given them the full Tomlin training.
  • The Biologist: Very well, if this is some kind of competition, I can make some explosive concoctions.
  • The Biologist: At least, I would if I had any ingredients. There's none left since the pirate invasion. You know, the first one.
  • Player: Is there any way to get more?
  • The Biologist: Oh, yes! Send me out to the mines of Hanto - they've got everything a budding arsonist could need.

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: You should see what I bought! I couldn't help myself, I was like a palaeontologist in a brush shop.
  • The Biologist: I've got sulphates, acids, oils, flash fluids, animal fats, tea...
  • The Convict: Ah, tea! Fantastic job. I've got the money back at the longhall.
  • The Biologist: My treat, sweetie. Basically, Hyu-ji[sic] is the most flammable and combustible laboratory in the world.
  • The Biologist: And I promise I've locked it up well. They're in a safe, inside another safe, within a vacuum.
  • The Missionary: And the island's as prepared as ever it will be. With my mace and the watchful eye of Saradomin, our victory is assured.
  • Player: I really hope you're right.

The Defiance of Hyu-Ji Edit

Before Voyage

  • Player: Do you have news from Hyu-Ji?
  • The Navigator: We received this via courier.
  • Player: Let's see...
  • The Convict: Feels nice to write without blackmailing you. We've reached a new stage in our relationship.
  • The Convict: The enemy fleet is getting close. Tomlin says he can smell them. Bless him, I think he's excited.
  • The Convict: And as we thought, the three factions are working together. The soothsayers are on the Purist ship, and the pirates are circling in schooners.
  • The Convict: Anyway, I'm passing the pen - Tomlin has something he wants to say. See you soon.
  • The Missionary: Afternoon, portmaster. I've got a favour to ask. Brother Jered is due to arrive today to inspect the island, to see how the church is going.
  • The Missionary: I forgot they were coming - just a wee bit. But we could, perhaps, turn this to our advantage.
  • The Missionary: He's arriving with ten White Knights. Not many, but enough to tip the balance. Could you pick them up on the way to joining us?
  • The Missionary: Oh, and apologise to Jered for the inconvenience. Remind him that 'the love of Saradomin is ever-forgiving'.
  • Player: Well, it seems we all have a part to play in this. Let's set sail.

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: We did it! We did it!
  • The Convict: I can't believe it. You have to hand it to the sea orphans, they're quick learners.
  • The Missionary: Still here are you, Marcus? I found your getaway boat in the bay, stocked with food. I'm surprised you're not halfway to the Pincer region by now.
  • The Convict: Haha! I wouldn't do such a thing! I'm khan now, and my responsibility is to the island. It must have been from, you know, before.
  • The Missionary: With packed fresh apples, eh?
  • Player: What's important is that we kept the island safe. We helped those people to protect themselves, and now they're more capable than any of us.
  • The Biologist: They're performing their own experiments...
  • The Convict: My advisors are effectively running the place...
  • The Missionary: And they're using the church to give their own sermons...
  • The Missionary: I'm fine with it. I'm more at home in battle than in the pulpit. It's time I accepted that.
  • Player: What did Brother Jered say?
  • The Missionary: Let's just say he helped that decision along. He's given funding to the sea orphans, so they can bring Saradomin to other islands.
  • Player: It seems you've all found a home and role for yourselves. It's been a real pleasure working with you all.
  • The Convict: Ditto. Even you, Tomlin.
  • The Missionary: It's been...enlightening.
  • The Biologist: Oh, wait, I think I left the safe open! The explosives!
  • The Convict: Unbelievable. Well, we better get going. You will go down in sea orphan legend, portmaster.

Random EventsEdit

Last OrdersEdit

  • The Convict: Perhaps I'll have one later.

A Simple FavourEdit

  • The Convict: We'll need to discuss that 'item' I ordered.

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