• Terrier: Yipyip yip yap yip yip! (Are we going shomeplache intereshting?)
  • Player: Don't you think this place is interesting?
  • Terrier: Yipyipyip yap yip yapyap. (It'sh hardly what i would call lively, thatsh fer shure.)
  • Player: Well, we'll head out in a bit.


Conversation 1Edit

  • Terrier: Yipyap yip yap yapyap yip yip? (Are we going to get shome shpecial equipment for thish misshion?)
  • Player: I don't think I'll have to get anything special and, if I do, it won't be that hard to get a hold of.
  • Terrier: Yipyap. (Shure, M. Just checking.)

Conversation 2Edit

  • Terrier: Yap, yappity yap, yap? (Sho, what'sh the plan today, M?)
  • Player: Why do you keep calling me 'M'?
  • Terrier: Yapyap yapyap yip yap. ('M' ish for mishtress/mashter, of coarshe.)
  • Player: Well, that makes sense.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Terrier: Yipyip yap yap yap yapyapyap! (Quickly, letsh get moving. Time ish washting!)
  • Player: Less haste, more speed!
  • Terrier: Yipyip! Yip yip yap! (More hashte AND shpeed! Off we go!)

Conversation 4Edit

  • Terrier: Arf arf yip yap yipyip yap? (How are we supposed to shave the world shtanding around here?)
  • Player: We're sort of shaving..sorry saving the world, if you think about it.
  • Terrier: Yapyap yip! (Whatever you shay, M.)

When Quest point cape is equipped or in inventoryEdit

  • Terrier: Yappy yappy yap yip yap! (Shaved the world again, M!)
  • Player: Time to go home for tea and medals!
  • Terrier: Yap yap! (Shurely!)

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