• Tegdak:  Hello Player! Thanks again for your help with the dig.
    • Player:  What have you learned about the artefacts we dug up?
      • Tegdak:  When we examined the blade you dug up, we found that the blade is covered in tiny symbols. The scribe thinks he has enough of them to begin understanding the ancient goblin language, but it will take a while for him to decipher it.
      • Tegdak:  Oldak examined the axeblade you dug up and found it had a faint magic aura. It looks like the mace wasn't the only magical weapon our ancestors brought from the surface. In fact, it could be that a lot of their equipment was magical. This means that either the ancient goblins were skilled magical craftsmen, or some other power was supplying them with magical equipment.
      • Tegdak:  The helmet you helped to unearth has come in useful. I used it as a visual aid when I went to talk to the children at the nursery about our history. It's amazing that the ancient goblins' eyes were even smaller than a child's!
      • Tegdak:  We used the armour fragment you unearthed to reconstruct the shape of the original armour, and with it the shape of the goblin who wore the armour. This told us a lot about how the goblin body shape changed from its surface form to that of the cave goblins.
      • Tegdak:  Bartak used the design of the shield you extracted to recreate a shield like it. Even though the original shield was poorly made, the design itself was a good one. Perhaps there is some important knowledge that we have lost since the early, more war-like days of Dorgesh-Kaan.

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