Without catspeakEdit

  • Tefimhet: Meow, meow meow.

With catspeakEdit

  • Tefimhet: Ack, no! Don't stand there? Oh dear, you stood right in her ectoplasm. Now she has to coalesce herself again and everything. Sorry, dear.
  • Player: Er, what?
  • Tefimhet: Honestly, don't you see them? All the wandering souls passing over to the afterlife? You just bump blindly into them like some sort of animal.
  • Player: There are ghosts here?
  • Tefimhet: Ghosts? No. Not ghosts. The dead. Those who are passing on. I watch over them sometimes, like to make sure they get where they need to.
  • Tefimhet: It's a lot easier without brutes like you getting in the way.

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