Showing her the remainsEdit

Big bassEdit

  • Taxidermist: That's a mighty fine sea bass you've caught there.

Big swordfishEdit

  • Taxidermist: Don't point that thing at me!

Big sharkEdit

  • Taxidermist: That's quite a fearsome shark! You've done everyone a service by removing it from the sea!

Crawling handEdit

  • Taxidermist: That's a very fine crawling hand.

Cockatrice headEdit

  • Taxidermist: A cockatrice! Beautiful, isn't it? Look at the plumage!

Basilisk headEdit

  • Taxidermist: My, he's a scary-looking fellow, isn't he? He'll look good on your wall!

Kurask headEdit

  • Taxidermist: A kurask? Splendid! Look at those horns!

Abyssal headEdit

  • Taxidermist: Goodness, an abyssal demon!
  • Taxidermist: See how it's still glowing? I'll have to use some magic to preserve that.

King black dragon headEdit

  • Taxidermist: This must be a King Black Dragon!
  • Taxidermist: I'll have to get out my heavy duty tools -- this skin's as tough as iron!

Kalphite queen headEdit

  • Taxidermist: That must be the biggest kalphite I've ever seen!
  • Taxidermist: Preserving insects is always tricky. I'll have to be careful...

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