• Player: Hey what's going on here?
  • Suak: You make burial armour for fallen ancestors.
    • Player:  What is burial armour?
      • Player: What is burial armour?
      • Suak: Dwarves die lots. Miners crushed by rocks. Warriors stabbed by goblins. Smiths get black lung.
      • Suak: To honour our dead, we build them armour so they can keep on working in afterlife.
    • Player:  How can I make burial armour?
      • Player:  How can I make burial armour?
      • Suak: Sten will show.
      • Suak: STEN!
      • Suak: This is good method of training for smiths between level 30 and 70. Gives range of experience.
      • Tutorial: To make burial armour you need ingots.
      • Tutorial: To make ingots, despoist ore of the kind you wish to work with in the furnace. Using noted ore will speed this up rapidly.
      • Tutorial: Don't forget to include coal if you want to work with any metal other than iron.
      • Tutorial: Burial armour can be made with different grades of ingots (I, II and III). The higher the grade, the more experience you'll earn, but it will require more ores to make. The armour can be made in different metals; more precious metals giving you greater
      • Tutorial: experience.
      • Tutorial: Select the ingot you wish to work with and withdraw as many as you can. Try different metal types and grades to find what expense and experience rate suits you best.
      • Tutorial: Head to one of the anvils near Suak. He may not come across as intelligent, but do as he says and you'll earn more experience. He knows his stuff!
      • Tutorial: Either listen to what he's saying or consult the interface in the centre of the screen to find out what you should be smithing.
      • Tutorial: Currently, Suak's talking about helms. So, smithing helms will earn you greater experience than anything else. Try to keep your smithing in line with his orders.
      • Tutorial: Place finished armour in the nearby chute, then collect more ingots and repeat.
    • Player:  Tell me more about yourself.
      • Player:  Tell me more about yourself.
      • Suak: I not so smart with words, but good with hammer. You learn lots from me if you listen well.
    • Player:  What's up with the walking suits of armour?
      • Player:  What's up with the walking suits of armour?
      • Suak: Dwarves not buried with armour will be unable to make way to afterlife. They come here.
      • Suak: Smashing up armours makes'em leave. I think they pass on.
    • Player:  What do I get from this?
      • Player:  What do I get from this?
      • Suak: To build armour for our beloved dead. An honour. Great experience for you.
      • Suak: For helping our dead, you earn my respect. Listen to my words for great experience.

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