Before 31st OctoberEdit

  • Strange boy: It's Halloween[sic] soon and we're so excited!
  • Strange boy: It's our favourite time of the year and we want everyone to get together wearing our favourite costume.
  • Strange boy: You should come see me when it's time and I'll get you all prepared for the costume gathering.
  • (Dialogue terminates with chatbox message: Come back on 31st October to take part in the costume gathering.)

On 31st OctoberEdit

  • Strange boy: You don't have a costume! Quick, put this on!
    • Try on the costume.
      • (Dialogue terminates with chatbox message: You start to feel a little spooky...)
    • No thanks.

After 31st OctoberEdit

  • Strange boy: The costume gathering was awesome! Hopefully we can do it again next year.

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