Conversation 1 Edit

  • Steve: I've been thinking...
  • Player: Go on, then - what about?
  • Steve: Why do you only have four legs? Are you a special kind of spider?
  • Player: I'm a human!

Conversation 2 Edit

  • Steve: Allo mate! What's on the agenda today then?
  • Player: A spot of reading.
  • Steve: What we reading then, fella?
  • Player: The newspaper!
  • Steve: I don't like horror stories.

Conversation 3 Edit

  • Player: Who's a cute little spider?!
  • Steve: Don't get snippy with me fleshling

Conversation 4 (Only in Araxxor's lair)Edit

  • Steve: I met a friend here once, or was he my brother? I think his name was Webster?

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