• Conversation 1
    • Steel titan: Forward, master, to a battle that will waken the gods!
    • Player: I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you.
    • Steel titan: I shall never meet my end at this rate...
  • Conversation 2
    • Steel titan: How do you wish to meet your end, master?
    • Player: Hopefully not for a very long time.
    • Steel titan: You do not wish to be torn asunder by the thousand limbs of a horde of demons?
    • Player: No! I'm quite happy picking flax and turning unstrung bows into gold...
  • Conversation 3
    • Steel titan: Why must we dawdle when glory awaits?
    • Player: I'm beginning to think you just want me to die horribly...
    • Steel titan: We could have deaths that bards sing of for a thousand years.
    • Player: That's not much compensation.
  • Conversation 4
    • Steel titan: Master, we should be marching into glorious battle!
    • Player: You know, I think you're onto something.
    • Steel titan: We could find a death befitting such heroes of RuneScape!
    • Player: Ah. You know, I'd prefer not to die...
    • Steel titan: Beneath the claws of a mighty foe shall I be sent into the embrace of death!
  • Conversation 5 (with a weapon equipped or in inventory)
    • Steel titan: Let us go forth to battle, my lady/lord!
    • Player: Why do you like fighting so much? It's not very nice to kill things.
    • Steel titan: It is the most honourable thing in life.
    • Player: But I summoned you, I'm not sure I can even say that you're alive...
    • Steel titan: Alas, you have discovered the woe of all summoned creatures' existence.
    • Player: Really? I was right?
    • Steel titan: Oh, woe...woe!


  • The dialogues are related to the medieval times, as the titan says "bard", who were wandering musicians during the medieval times. The titan also values honour by fighting to the death and killing things.
  • Although you need 10 Summoning levels above the requirement to understand the familiar, the Steel Titan is not affected by this. The same also affects the Iron Titan.
  • The second set of dialogue is a reference to the tendency of fletchers to high alchemize bows into gold.

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