4th Age, year 1832. Date unknown.

The stalkers are intelligent creatures, and are capable of startlingly intellectual conversation in our tongue. The varying magicks that the different types of stalker use also shows that they are each capable of independent thought. The creatures also seem to react to others far away from them, indicating some kind of shared consciousness. The stalkers are a strange and powerful race, and I am glad they chose to ally with us, instead of rallying against us. Such powerful, intelligent creatures could have caused our Master serious hindrance. The stalker I saw today was, as usual, different from the rest by some degree. For a start, this creature cannot, or does not, fly. It drags its mass along the ground when it is forced to move; however it tends to suspend itself from whatever is available using long tentacles. The creature has positioned itself above the ladder shaft that leads from this floor of the dungeon to the next; a perfect position to guard the only point of access to the next floor from interlopers. This stalker calls itself 'Shadow Forger Ihlakhizan' and wields both light and darkness to attack its foes. I witnessed it disposing of a slave who tried to flee the dungeons. While the slave was fighting it, Ihlakhizan let out a brilliant flash of light, disorienting the fool. In a panic, he fled and took refuge in the shadows, which engulfed and devoured him, leaving no trace that he was ever there. This creature is by far the most unnerving and grotesque of the stalkers I have witnessed thus far. I will be glad when we abandon this floor tomorrow, and move on to the next one.

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