• Player: Er, you're a squid. How exactly are you stranded?
  • Squick: Not swim.
  • Player: You can't swim? You do realize you're a FLYING squid, right?
  • Squick: Oh, yeah! I forgot. Dur.
  • Player: So, you don't need me to rescue you.
  • Squick: Yeah, do. Lost confidence. Not fly water.
  • Player: You're a flying squid that's afraid to fly over water?
  • Squick: Scary ship. Black and spiky. Harbinger.
  • Squick: Also not like wet. Make me ink.
  • Player: I hate to break it to you, but you're already wet.
  • Squick: Get off it! No wet! Hate wet! No make wet!
  • Squick: I ink self! I ink you! Ink your face!
  • Player: Fine, fine! Just calm down. I'll take you on my boat.
  • Squick: Go home! Yay!
  • Player: Where is home?
  • Squick: Nishi.
  • Player: Nishi? Where's Nishi?
  • Player: Oh, you do you mean Aminishi?
  • Squick: Nishi!
  • Player: Okay, let's go find your parents.
  • Squick: AM parent! Not kiddie! You rude.

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