This transcript involves dialogue with Ling (contracts) and Yulong.

Talking to Ling (contracts)Edit

  • Player: Hello, Ling.
  • Ling (contracts): Hello, Little Khan. What are you doing here on Aminishi?
  • Ling (contracts): Actually, never mind - that is your business, not mine. However, my business could well be yours.
  • (Miniquest noticeboard opens up)
    • Accept
      • Player: How do you mean?
      • Ling (contracts): I am here in pursuit of a target, but he is proving to be most elusive. Yet I know you to be...resourceful. Perhaps you could help me track him down?
      • Player: Why, what have they done?
      • Ling (contracts): Now, that IS my business. Needless to say, his fate is sealed.
      • Player: Can you at least give me a name?
      • Ling (contracts): His name is Yulong, one-time son of a previous leader of the Death Lotus. We trained together, but the boy was an oaf. During one of his many antics, he set fire to the Pearl Fortress.
      • Ling (contracts): His father was so enraged by his son's unruliness, he sent him away in disgrace. He was given a Death Lotus knot to remind him never to return, on pain of death.
      • Player: Is he in trouble then?
      • Ling (contracts): With me, yes.
      • Player: I won't pretend to understand the rules of the Death Lotus, so if I find this Yulong I'll judge him for myself.
      • Ling (contracts): That will suffice. I am the assassin here, after all. If you find him, just tell me where he is.
      • Player: So, how might I find Yulong if you've been unable to do so?
      • Ling (contracts): He has taken shelter at the Temple of Seiryu, but the monks there will not allow me access.
      • Ling (contracts): For some reason, they do not trust me, and there are too many of them for me to kill them all.
      • Player: Have you tried sneaking in?
      • Ling (contracts): Of course, but I have still seen no sign of Yulong, though all rumours of him led me to Aminishi.
      • Player: So I should talk to the monks?
      • Ling (contracts): That will prove difficult, seeing they have taken a vow of silence. Death is the only conversation they understand.
      • Player: Wait, you want me to kill them?
      • Ling (contracts): No, you misunderstand - THEY want to die. Their entire belief system is built around reincarnating over and over, in order to attain a form in the image of Seiryu.
      • Ling (contracts): They will welcome being tested in combat. Through their deaths, their secrets will be revealed to us, and we can locate Yulong.
      • (If none of the books have been found:)
        • Player: Right, so, I'll just go kill a bunch of monks, elementals and dragons - for their benefit and betterment - until something shakes loose?
        • Ling (contracts): Exactly.
        • Player: That doesn't strike you as being a bit crazy?
        • Ling (contracts): They may call themselves the Temple of Seiryu, but most everyone else in the region calls them...something less flattering.
        • Player: To me they sound like they're one basket short of a picnic.
        • Ling (contracts): Close - you are two baskets short of the insult.
      • (If one of the books have been found:)
        • Player: One of the acolytes dropped some scripture - it discusses the charms that many of the acolytes drop.
        • Ling (contracts): Hmm, this has potential. Try killing the elementals or dragons, if you can. If not, the monks should suffice.
        • Ling (contracts): You should collect some of those tokens too. I have a feeling they will prove useful.
      • (If two of the books have been found:)
        • (Transcript missing. edit)
      • (If every book has been found:)
        • (As below.)
    • Decline
      • (Dialogue terminates.)

After finding The Path of the MonkEdit

  • You have found 1/3 of the Temple of Seiryu scriptures.

After finding The Path of the ElementalEdit

  • You have found 2/3 of the Temple of Seiryu scriptures.

After finding The Path of the DragonEdit

  • You have found 3/3 of the Temple of Seiryu scriptures.

Returning to Ling (contracts)Edit

  • Player: I've found all three pieces of scripture. I think I might actually be able to replicate the steps for entering this other realm.
  • Player: The scripture mentions making use of the charms at a pool within the temple grounds - something called the Well of Spirits.
  • Player: Perhaps this other realm is where Yulong has been hiding out...
  • Ling (contracts): Good luck, Little Khan.

Talking to againEdit

  • Ling (contracts): Have you accessed this other realm yey? Is Yulong there?
  • Player: No, I haven't found him yet. I'll keep looking.
  • Ling (contracts): In the meantime, do you seek a Death Lotus Slayer contract?
  • Talk about Slayer contracts?
    • Yes.
      • (Contract interface opens.)
    • No.
      • (Dialogue terminates.)

The Well of SpiritsEdit

  • (If spirit dragon charms aren't held:)
    • Player: I think I need some spirit dragon charms to make an offering here.
    • (Dialogue terminates.)
  • (If spirit dragon charms are held:)
    • Enter Spirit Realm?
      • Cancel
        • (Dialogue terminates.)
      • OK
        • Screen fades to white and back.
        • You have entered the Spirit Realm. For each minute you spend here, one spirit dragon token will be consumed.

Talking to YulongEdit

  • Yulong: I know why you are here. Worry not about your time 'running out' while you talk with me - I shall lend you my energy to remain.
  • Player: I thought you monks took a vow of silence.
  • Yulong: Initiates may speak, for how else are we to learn not to? Only once returned as an elemental does that vow truly hold.
  • Player: I'm here in search of you - you are Yulong, yes?
  • Yulong: I am, and I know. From my place here, I see and hear much.
  • Player: Wait, you were spying on us?
  • Yulong: I sought and found sanctuary on this island. It is you that came to me.
  • Player: So you know that Ling is looking for you and what she plans to do.
  • Yulong: Ling must find me for herself, if she is to find me at all.
  • Player: Why should I not just tell her?
  • Yulong: That is between you and your conscience. I shall not judge you by my standards.
  • Yulong: You are a guardian of this world, as is Seiryu, whom we seek to follow.
    • Keep Yulong's confidence from Ling.
      • Player: I promise to keep your confidence, Yulong. I will not tell Ling where you are.
      • Yulong: I thank you, fellow guardian. Ling will find me in time, if she is meant to.
    • Betray Yulong's confidence to Ling.
      • Player: I am sorry, Yulong, but Ling should know where you are. I'm going to tell her.
      • Yulong: As is your will, fellow guardian. If Ling is meant to find me, then she shall.

After the first timeEdit

  • (If the player kept Yulong's confidence:)
    • Player: I promise to keep your confidence, Yulong. I will not tell Ling where you are.
    • Yulong: I thank you, fellow guardian. Ling will find me in time, if she is meant to.
  • (If the player betrayed Yulong's confidence:)
    • (Transcript missing. edit)

Finishing upEdit

  • Ling (contracts): Have you accessed this other realm yet? Is Yulong there?
  • Player: Yes, I've found him. He was taken in by the Temple of Seiryu. They have taught him a great deal, it seems. He is not the oaf you described him as.
  • Player: He's even managed to attain access to a spirit form that these basket cases strive for. I'd say he's flourished since leaving home.
  • Ling (contracts): The irony of an arsonist being taken in by water monks is not lost on me. So, how do you judge him. Will you tell me where he is?
  • (If the player kept Yulong's confidence:)
    • Player: I am sorry, Ling, but I promised him I would not.
    • Ling (contracts): That is a shame. I suppose I could torture the information out of you...but I respect you too much for that.
    • Ling (contracts): Still, you have shown me the path to find him for myself. I shall venture into this other realm for myself.
    • (Continues below.)
  • (If the player betrayed Yulong's confidence:)
    • Player: He stands where you are, but not where you are.
    • Ling (contracts): I fear you have spent too long in the company of these acolytes. Speak plainly, Little Khan.
    • Player: I am speaking plainly! He's standing exactly where you are standing, only within this spirit realm.
    • (Continues below.)
  • Player: So, are you intending to assassinate Yulong then?
  • Ling (contracts): Assassinate? What gave you that idea?
  • Player: Well, you are an assassin, and you did say he had a Death Lotus knot that signified his death. You said he was in trouble with you, that his fate was sealed.
  • Ling (contracts): So I did. Death is my business, and sometimes it is difficult to keep it from my words. But I am not here to kill the boy. Not today, at least.
  • Ling (contracts): When he left, he made a promise to me that he would keep in touch. We were more than just students together, we were friends.
  • Ling (contracts): Yet I have not seen or heard from him since his exile. I want to ensure he is okay, that he has not been brainwashed by this cult, and then to give him a piece of my mind.
  • Player: Oh, well, right then.
  • Ling (contracts): I thank you for your assistance, Little Khan.
  • Miniquest complete.

Talking to Yulong after the miniquestEdit

  • Yulong: Hello, World Guardian.
  • Player: Yulong. How did you know I was the World Guardian?
  • Yulong: All here do. What we seek is aligned with your own goals - the protection of this world.
  • Yulong: Seiryu sees you, and we see the world through its eyes.
  • Yulong: One day, you will find it, or it you. Then you will know.
  • Player: Know what?
  • Yulong: Truth.

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