Conversation 1Edit

  • Spirit wolf: What are you doing?
  • Player: Oh, just some...biped things. I'm sure it would bore you.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Spirit wolf: Danger!
  • Player: Where?!
  • Spirit wolf: False alarm...

Conversation 3Edit

  • Spirit wolf: I smell something good! Hunting time!
  • Player: We can go hunting in a moment. I just have to take care of something first.

Conversation 4Edit

  • Spirit wolf: When am I going to get to chase something?
  • Player: Oh I'm sure we'll find something for you in a bit.

Conversation 5Edit

(If the player has a bone in their inventory)

  • Spirit wolf: Throw the bone! I want to chase it!
  • Player: I can't just throw bones away - I need them to train my Prayer!

Conversation 6Edit

(If the player does not have the Summoning level required to understand the familiar)

  • Spirit wolf: Whurf?

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