• Conversation 1 (With Spirit terrorbird having 8 or less items in inventory.)
    • Spirit terrorbird: This is a fun little walk.
    • Player: Why do I get the feeling you'll change your tune when I start loading you up with items?
  • Conversation 2 (With Spirit terrorbird having 9 items in inventory.)
    • Spirit terrorbird: I can keep this up for hours.
    • Player: I'm glad, as we still have plenty of time to go.
  • Conversation 3 (With Spirit terrorbird having 10 items in inventory.)
    • Spirit terrorbird: Are we going to visit a bank soon?
    • Player: I'm not sure, you still have plenty of room for more stuff.
    • Spirit terrorbird: Just don't leave it too long, okay?
  • Conversation 4 (With Spirit terrorbird having 11 items in inventory.)
    • Spirit terrorbird: Can we go to a bank now?
    • Player: Just give me a little longer, okay?
    • Spirit terrorbird: That's what you said last time!
    • Player: Did I?
    • Spirit terrorbird: Yes!
    • Player: Well, I mean it this time, promise.
  • Conversation 5 (With Spirit terrorbird having a full inventory.)
    • Spirit terrorbird: So...heavy...
    • Player: I knew you'd change your tune once you started carrying things.
    • Spirit terrorbird: Can we go bank this stuff now?
    • Player: Sure. You do look like you're about to collapse.

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